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Why You Should Be on LinkedIn (And How to Do It)

Why You Should be On LinkedIn (And How to Do It)

             With 92% of employers checking out potential employees online, creating and maintaining a LinkedIn profile is a necessity if you are trying to find a job in the apartment industry. But the benefits go both ways: just as employers may be checking you out, you can likewise research them before applying for a job to get a leg up on the competition.


Why Should You Be on LinkedIn?

There’s really 3 main reasons to join the site:

1.)   Employers will be looking for you on LinkedIn

If the 92% of employers who are researching candidates on LinkedIn look for you online but can’t find you, this may be a disadvantage in your job search. Compared with candidates who have complete profiles highlighting their skills, if you are absent from the site you will lose a chance to make a good impression.

2.)   An increasing number of jobs are advertised on LinkedIn

Over the past couple of years LinkedIn has been making job searching through their site easier and easier. LinkedIn will now recommend jobs that  you may be interested in, as well as those that are within you network of connections. As the number one way to find an apartment job today is through referrals, knowing which jobs are in your professional network is a huge advantage.

3.)   Career Development

The last benefit to LinkedIn is not only true for when you are job searching, but over the course of your career. With a vast number of career-related articles, 8,000 professional groups created weekly, and 300 million total users, the opportunities for professional networking and growing your industry-related knowledge are limitless.



How to Make the Most of LinkedIn:

Hopefully by now we’ve convinced you that you should be active on LinkedIn, and the next step will be to fill out your profile to maximize what it has to offer. Here’s how:

  • Add a picture: profiles with pictures are 11x more likely to be viewed.
  • Complete your profile information: the more information you add, the more likely you are to show up when employers are searching for candidates
  • Make connections: LinkedIn suggests you need to have at least 50 connections for the site to be effective. If you don’t know where to start, begin by searching for members of your high school, college, or previous jobs.
  • Stay active: In order to make the most of LinkedIn, it’s best to be on the site often. 40% of users check LinkedIn daily—and we’d suggest doing so too.

If you are looking for an apartment job, one of the most advantageous tools at your fingertips is LinkedIn. While this shouldn’t be your only means of job-hunting, if you use it right it could be the one that ends up getting you the job.

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New & Improved: Using LinkedIn Better in 2014


New & Improved: Using LinkedIn Better in 2014

linkedin 2014

LinkedIn has made some changes recently that offer more options to users—especially job seekers. Here’s the newest ways to make the most of your LinkedIn profile:

1. Include Your “Skills”

The ‘Skills’ section is now more important in the make-up of LinkedIn. Your skills will help potential employers find you, and should be a necessary part of your page.

2. See Who’s Looking

Last Monday LinkedIn updated the section of their site where you can see who’s viewed your profile. With more in-depth information you can better see who is searching for you and what field they are in. Keep an eye on who’s finding you to track if your profile is attracting potential employers.

3. Join a Group

Or join several! The groups of LinkedIn, especially for apartment industry professionals offer a unique way to stay in-touch with what’s happening in the industry while networking. Try not only joining professional organizations, but also regional Apartment groups in Houston, Austin, or San Antonio.

4. Re-Think Your Updates

Now is a good time to evaluate if your strategy for posting LinkedIn updates is effective. Post sparingly and always offer value to your audience rather than a sales pitch.

5. Personalize Connection Invitations

Instead of sending out the default message when you invite someone to connect, write something short and personalized instead. Competition on LinkedIn is building and this is one way to stay memorable.

6. Go Mobile

The LinkedIn mobile app is an extremely well done and worth having if you spend a lot of time on your phone. For likewise tech-savvy people your can download CardMunch, LinkedIn’s app to a business card you’ve been handed.

7. Search & Apply for Jobs

The number of job postings on LinkedIn is constantly growing. If you’re searching for an apartment job in 2014, check out properties you want to work for or search for specific positions.

8. Add a picture

You profile should be complete, including a professional picture. Profiles with pictures receive 11% more views, according to Mashable.


For networking, apartment job searching, and staying up to date in the professional world, LinkedIn is a powerful tool. LinkedIn grows each year, and will likely continue to increase in importance as part of modern job searching. Don’t wait—make the most of LinkedIn now and you will remain competitive as the site continues to grow.

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How to Make Your LinkedIn Competitive

5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Competitive

As the job search process moves online, an increasing number of employers are checking out prospective candidates’ LinkedIn profiles. This means that your profile must also function as an online resume, selling employers on your qualifications.

No matter the job you are applying for or your work experience, there are several steps you can take to make your profile competitive:

1.    Professional Photo

A profile picture won’t be the determining factor in whether or not you get hired; however an unprofessional picture could end up costing you a job. Just as on social media platforms, the pictures you include should showcase your best, most professional side.

2.    Meaningful Connections

There are lots of theories on the magic number of ‘connections’ to have on LinkedIn. Some say the more connections the better, while others speculate that too large of a number appears inauthentic. If you are unsure of how many connections to shoot for, most experts agree that you can’t go wrong with 50. Additionally, a variety of connections in different aspects of your field could give you a boost going forward in your job search. When applying for apartment jobs connections with other consultants, managers, and clients could be shared with a potential emp

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Finding a Job with Social Media


5 Tips to Use Social Media to Land Your Dream Job 

Social media outlets today are used by a majority of apartment properties, and as such can be employed when looking for a job in the apartment industry. These 5 tips will help you make the most of your online presence in order to land that job you have your eye on:

1.)  Be Deliberate about What You Put Online

Checking candidates’ online profiles is becoming a routine part of the hiring process, and consequentially you must be purposeful about what you upload. Unprofessional material on your profile can hurt your reputation with potential employers while industry-related posts or information could make you positively stand out as knowledgeable.

2.)  Use Social Media to Hunt for Jobs

Many companies or properties within the apartment industry in Houston, San Antonio and Austin will post job openings online, so keep an eye out for these on social media outlets. Doing a quick search on Facebook or Twitter could also bring up jobs that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

Check out @Hire_Priority on Twitter for a current list of Houston, San Antonio, and Austin apartment jobs.

3.)  Add to Online Conversations Meaningfully

Once you have online profiles, join in industry conversations and interactions in a way that is significant and employers might take notice. Another way to contribute meaningfully online is to create your own website or blog and then link to it on your social media. Creating your own materials online can set you apart as a leader in the industry.

4.)  Let People Know You’re Job Searching

If you have already left your job, letting people know via social media that you are looking for a job can lead to referrals in the future. Especially on a platform such as Facebook, where you connect with friends and family, people are more likely to keep you in mind if you say you are looking for a job.

5.)  Be Active on LinkedIn

Most of your time using social media to find a job should be via LinkedIn, which is the most professional of all outlets. Connect to people and groups here, as well as staying active on your own profile. Posting updates or links to your personal blog/website on LinkedIn will also boost your rankings on Google, and appear when someone searches your name.

Beyond in-person forms of networking, social media is an essential component of networking and securing a job in the apartment industry. By being deliberate in what you post online and reaching out companies offering apartment jobs, the success of your search will be accelerated.

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Networking to Find an Apartment Job

Networking Made Easy: 5 Steps to Use Your Network to Find an Apartment Job

While most people know that networking is crucial to securing an apartment job, the actual process of doing so can be intimidating. Rather than thinking of networking as a daunting but necessary obstacle, it can be a natural occurrence that makes the most of our social circles.

These 5 steps break down how to use the network you already have in order to find a job:

1.)  Analyze Your Network

Although opportunities for networking are everywhere, in order to successfully find a job you must implement your network in a way that is purposeful. The best way to determine where to begin networking is to list the current connections you have, including family, friends, and other professional contacts. Don’t limit yourself at first—think outside of the box to people you might normally pass up or those that have only lose connections to the apartment industry.


2.)  Prepare

The next step to take before you actually begin reaching out to people is to prepare a clear idea of what you hope to gain from your interactions. If you are walking into an informal meeting or a career social, be able to articulate the job you are looking for or what qualifies you. Networking without a set goal to work towards will be a waste of time and opportunity.


3.)  Connect Informally

Once you have completed a strategy and prepared to make the most of your network, begin connecting with contacts informally. Call, e-mail, or mention in conversation that you are looking for a job if you have already left your current position. Also, asking contacts outright for a job creates a lot of pressure; initially it is a better idea to ask people for advice and begin a relationship that could lead to a job later on.


4.)  Connect Formally

Connecting formally within your network includes many of the more traditionally thought of means of networking. Attending socials with apartment industry professionals, association meetings, or exchanging business cards are all tried and true means of networking. Beyond these in-person encounters you should also be active on LinkedIn, and connect with relevant professionals in the online sphere.


5.)  Follow up

At each step along the way you should seek to be especially considerate of those whom you are networking with, as they hold the potential power to give you a job. One way to show your appreciation for those who offer help, advice, or time is to follow up and say thank you. Even after you find a job, continue to invest in and grow your network.


No matter how small or large your network, these 5 steps are a way to realize its full potential. If you are just starting out networking, don’t be afraid to think big–as networking can put you in contact with jobs or people that would not otherwise be in reach.

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