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How to Make Your LinkedIn Competitive

5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Competitive

As the job search process moves online, an increasing number of employers are checking out prospective candidates’ LinkedIn profiles. This means that your profile must also function as an online resume, selling employers on your qualifications.

No matter the job you are applying for or your work experience, there are several steps you can take to make your profile competitive:

1.    Professional Photo

A profile picture won’t be the determining factor in whether or not you get hired; however an unprofessional picture could end up costing you a job. Just as on social media platforms, the pictures you include should showcase your best, most professional side.

2.    Meaningful Connections

There are lots of theories on the magic number of ‘connections’ to have on LinkedIn. Some say the more connections the better, while others speculate that too large of a number appears inauthentic. If you are unsure of how many connections to shoot for, most experts agree that you can’t go wrong with 50. Additionally, a variety of connections in different aspects of your field could give you a boost going forward in your job search. When applying for apartment jobs connections with other consultants, managers, and clients could be shared with a potential emp

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