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What to Do before Your Job Search

3 Things to Do before You Begin Your Job Search 

While you may be eager to jump straight into the job search process, there are several key things that you can do before you begin searching that will pay off later. The more time you spend preparing for your job search the more effective—and less stressful—it will be once you’ve started.

1. Get Organized
Taking the time to get organized before your job search may feel like you are slowing down your progress; however, successful organization will save you headaches later. Create a strategy for your job hunt, including everything from networking to interviewing. One of the best ways to save precious time during your job search is to write down a list of positions you are going to target. In the apartment industry you can set goals for which positions you are going to apply for as well as brainstorm which properties you are going to apply at. If your search ends up deviating from your original goals it is not always a bad thing; but having initial organization to build on is crucial.

2. Re-vamp Your Resume
Perhaps your resume hasn’t been touched in years, or perhaps you’ve re-worked it last month—either way you should re-vamp it before you begin your next job search. Rather than immediately sending your resume off to potential employers, craft it to include an updated scope of your relevant skills. Keep in mind that even if you are applying for a job in a field you haven’t worked in before, you may still have skills that qualify you. For example, apartment jobs require a variety of skills, such as the ability to communicate well and problem solve, which could be gained outside the apartment industry.

3. Makeover Your LinkedIn
Your LinkedIn profile can function as an online resume, so it is important that it is complete and accurate. Many employers today will check-up on candidates via LinkedIn, and you can use the platform to further convince them that you are a worthy hire. Your profile should clearly communicate what you are about. For example, if you are applying for apartment jobs you may want to emphasize skills and experience that demonstrate you are a top candidate in the industry. Consistent information, a professional picture, and a compelling overall progression should all define your LinkedIn presence.

Whether you are about to start a job search or know that you will be setting off on one in the near future, these three steps will set you up for success. Rather than viewing them as hurdles to beginning the real work of applying for positions, they are necessary to ending up in the job that’s right for you.

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