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Getting Your Social Media House in Order

Looking for an Apartment Job? Get Your Social Media House in Order

Because the apartment industry consists of a social media and networking element, your online presence could make the difference between employers moving on to other candidates or giving you a competitive edge. When you are looking for an apartment job, getting your social media house in order is necessary to making a good impression as well as to connecting to others in the apartment industry.

Create an Online Identity

If you don’t already have a presence on Facebook or LinkedIn (or other social media sites) creating profiles will add to potential employer’s impression of you as a qualified candidate. Your online identity should display your best side, and demonstrate a focus that is in line with the type of apartment job you are seeking. To take full advantage social media sites, your online identity should showcase talents that are relevant to the apartment industry and the positions you are applying for.

Research Yourself

This step consists of googling yourself, going through Facebook posts from the last year, scouring your LinkedIn profile, etc. Act as if you were a potential employer researching yourself—and anything that reflects poorly on you professionally should be taken off the Internet. In general, a good rule of thumb is to never put anything on the Internet that you wouldn’t want a future employer to see.

Make Connections

Once you have managed your online identity you can begin to make the most of these social media sites. Friend, follow, connect—each social media site will have a way to network, and when seeking competitive apartment jobs, networking can give you an edge against competitors. If you are unfamiliar with or want to find out more about making the most of the networking functions on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, there are numerous instructional videos on YouTube to offer help.

Getting your social media house in order may be a multi-step process; however, it will pay off as you look for apartment jobs by networking online or potential employers finding your profile. Social media is intertwined with the apartment industry in such a way that an online presence will both help you get noticed by employers as well as find positions. Just as employers may search for you online—keep an eye on them, checking their websites or other discussion forums for job opportunities or advice.


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