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The Houston Recruiting Industry Loses a Legend

“Ann was the best healthcare recruiter in Houston, Texas for the good part of thirty years,” says James Lenhardt, CEO of Hire Priority Staffing and former colleague of Ann Haubegger. Ann passed away Thursday, October 11, 2012 due to complications from lung cancer.

For the four decades that Ann worked in the Houston recruiting industry she was admired by clients and co-workers alike for her dedication and success. Ann “tried to get into the heart and soul of her clients,” says Vaughn Adams, close friend and former colleague of Ann’s. After sharing an office and friendship for thirty years, Adams remarks that she saw Ann do everything she could for people, which contributed to her accomplishments as a healthcare recruiter. She embodied all the characteristics of a successful recruiter: strong relationships with clients, a clear understanding of recruiting fundamentals, a good listener, and passionate about her work.

Today, “if there’s a doctor’s office or clinic in Houston, there’s a good chance Ann had an impact there,” says Lenhardt.  Ann was not only the best healthcare industry recruiter in Houston; she was one of the top ten recruiters in the Houston market for over twenty consecutive years. The Houston Business Journal listed Hire Priority (formerly Harrison Personnel) as one of their top 25 Recruiting Companies—and Ann was the most successful of their talented recruiters.

Ann’s legacy will live on in the recruiters that learned from her and the thousands of clients and candidates that had the pleasure to work with her. “There aren’t many recruiters today like her,” says Laura Hudson, a former recruit of Ann’s at Texas Surgical, “she was special”.

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