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Apartment Industry Job Hunting Tips

5 Apartment Industry Job Hunting Tips

From ten units to four hundred, student housing to luxury hi-rise, the multi-family industry offers a wide range of job opportunities. This diversity is both good and bad when job hunting—more variety translates to a better chance of finding a position that’s a good match; but it can also be overwhelming when faced with so many options. These five tips will help you hone in on the job that’s best for you and secure a new position in the apartment industry:

1.) Reach out

Reaching out to the apartment communities you wish to work for can help you get your foot in the door, and even land you a job. One way to do this is by going in person to visit a potential employers management office, allowing them to put a face to your resume and visualize you in what could be your future work environment.

2.) Network

Networking in the apartment industry when you are looking for a job is crucial, and should be a tool used from start to finish of your job search. Start out by making the most of the connections you have, and seek to make new ones. For example, when you pay a visit to a property that you would like to work for they may not have any open positions—but can tell you that their sister property does.

3.) Be knowledgeable about the industry

Being knowledgeable about the apartment industry in your job search means both educating yourself personally through training as well as staying informed of broader industry trends. Apartment industry trends to be aware of include that demand for multi-family housing increases as overall employment growth increases and/or housing prices are high.  Typically, more apartments are built and occupancies increase when either of these factors occurs.

4.) Re-vamp Your Resume

Before you begin your multi-family job search, make sure your resume demonstrates that you are qualified for the apartment jobs you are applying for. Learn what you can about the multi-family company or property you want to work for, and show them on your resume or cover letter that you are familiar with their company, passionate about it, and qualified for a position there.

5.) Be Persistent

The types of multi-family or apartment jobs are numerous, and honing in on the ones that best fit you—quality over quantity—is key. Then keep up with those properties and positions by checking their websites daily and following up with any job opportunities.

In the face of high competition and a multitude of ways to go about finding an apartment job, these five tips will help your job search run smoothly and successfully. From start to finish—these tips will make sure you are the kind of qualified professional that your ideal multi-family employer wants to hire.

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