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Networking to Find an Apartment Job

Networking Made Easy: 5 Steps to Use Your Network to Find an Apartment Job

While most people know that networking is crucial to securing an apartment job, the actual process of doing so can be intimidating. Rather than thinking of networking as a daunting but necessary obstacle, it can be a natural occurrence that makes the most of our social circles.

These 5 steps break down how to use the network you already have in order to find a job:

1.)  Analyze Your Network

Although opportunities for networking are everywhere, in order to successfully find a job you must implement your network in a way that is purposeful. The best way to determine where to begin networking is to list the current connections you have, including family, friends, and other professional contacts. Don’t limit yourself at first—think outside of the box to people you might normally pass up or those that have only lose connections to the apartment industry.


2.)  Prepare

The next step to take before you actually begin reaching out to people is to prepare a clear idea of what you hope to gain from your interactions. If you are walking into an informal meeting or a career social, be able to articulate the job you are looking for or what qualifies you. Networking without a set goal to work towards will be a waste of time and opportunity.


3.)  Connect Informally

Once you have completed a strategy and prepared to make the most of your network, begin connecting with contacts informally. Call, e-mail, or mention in conversation that you are looking for a job if you have already left your current position. Also, asking contacts outright for a job creates a lot of pressure; initially it is a better idea to ask people for advice and begin a relationship that could lead to a job later on.


4.)  Connect Formally

Connecting formally within your network includes many of the more traditionally thought of means of networking. Attending socials with apartment industry professionals, association meetings, or exchanging business cards are all tried and true means of networking. Beyond these in-person encounters you should also be active on LinkedIn, and connect with relevant professionals in the online sphere.


5.)  Follow up

At each step along the way you should seek to be especially considerate of those whom you are networking with, as they hold the potential power to give you a job. One way to show your appreciation for those who offer help, advice, or time is to follow up and say thank you. Even after you find a job, continue to invest in and grow your network.


No matter how small or large your network, these 5 steps are a way to realize its full potential. If you are just starting out networking, don’t be afraid to think big–as networking can put you in contact with jobs or people that would not otherwise be in reach.

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