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Creating a Successful Staffing Plan

3 Steps to Creating a Successful Staffing Plan

The best time to have a staffing plan is not when you run into problems, but ahead of time—now. While each company is different, these 3 steps cover how to create a plan that can be successfully adapted to your company:

1.)   Analyze Your Past & Present Situation

Begin creating your plan by thinking about what changes your company has undergone in the past year or so and how it plans to change in the near future. By determining what has and has not worked you can eliminate ineffective hiring methods and improve your current one. The apartment industry and market is constantly changing as well, and industry trends that may affect your company should be taken into consideration.

2.)   Know Who is Applying

Being aware of who is looking for apartment jobs in your area and how qualified they are will make your staffing process smoother. Holding interviews weekly and talking to a variety of candidates can determine your applicant pool’s strengths and weaknesses. Will most applicants need further training? Is there an overabundance of a certain skill? These and many other questions should become clear as you explore your applicant pool. Especially in large cities such as Houston and Austin where applicants are plentiful, knowing your applicant pool is crucial. Once you have established who is looking for jobs you can better know who to hire.

3.)   Use Your Resources

When it comes time to hire new employees do not limit your approach to one outlet. Finding candidates online may be one means to finding hires, but employee referrals or networking through industry associations could also lead to recruits. A staffing company can also provide an efficient means of staffing your company without added stress. A multi-faceted approach that combines company’s existing network with additional help will maximize the influence of your staffing plan.

The staffing process is integral to a company’s well-being and as such should not be left to chance or under-preparation. By analyzing your staffing needs, knowing who your applicants are, and using your resources you will be able to construct a staffing plan that is full-proof.

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