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Finding a Job with Social Media


5 Tips to Use Social Media to Land Your Dream Job 

Social media outlets today are used by a majority of apartment properties, and as such can be employed when looking for a job in the apartment industry. These 5 tips will help you make the most of your online presence in order to land that job you have your eye on:

1.)  Be Deliberate about What You Put Online

Checking candidates’ online profiles is becoming a routine part of the hiring process, and consequentially you must be purposeful about what you upload. Unprofessional material on your profile can hurt your reputation with potential employers while industry-related posts or information could make you positively stand out as knowledgeable.

2.)  Use Social Media to Hunt for Jobs

Many companies or properties within the apartment industry in Houston, San Antonio and Austin will post job openings online, so keep an eye out for these on social media outlets. Doing a quick search on Facebook or Twitter could also bring up jobs that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

Check out @Hire_Priority on Twitter for a current list of Houston, San Antonio, and Austin apartment jobs.

3.)  Add to Online Conversations Meaningfully

Once you have online profiles, join in industry conversations and interactions in a way that is significant and employers might take notice. Another way to contribute meaningfully online is to create your own website or blog and then link to it on your social media. Creating your own materials online can set you apart as a leader in the industry.

4.)  Let People Know You’re Job Searching

If you have already left your job, letting people know via social media that you are looking for a job can lead to referrals in the future. Especially on a platform such as Facebook, where you connect with friends and family, people are more likely to keep you in mind if you say you are looking for a job.

5.)  Be Active on LinkedIn

Most of your time using social media to find a job should be via LinkedIn, which is the most professional of all outlets. Connect to people and groups here, as well as staying active on your own profile. Posting updates or links to your personal blog/website on LinkedIn will also boost your rankings on Google, and appear when someone searches your name.

Beyond in-person forms of networking, social media is an essential component of networking and securing a job in the apartment industry. By being deliberate in what you post online and reaching out companies offering apartment jobs, the success of your search will be accelerated.

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