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Common Job Search Mistakes to Avoid


7 Things Not to Do When Applying for an Apartment Job

From application to interview, there are varied approaches on the best methods to finding an apartment job; however, the things you should never do when looking for a job are more concrete. Here are the top 8:

1.) Don’t Have Errors in Your Resume
Apartment jobs are competitive and your resume is a potential employer’s first impression of you. If it has spelling, grammar, or formatting errors—no matter how small—they can come across as glaring in the eyes of the reader. (See: 5 Mistakes Candidates Make on their Resumes)

2.) Don’t Walk into an Interview Under-Prepared
While your resume is an employer’s first point of contact, your interview is a chance to demonstrate how qualified you are for a position. Don’t go into an interview without having researched the company or property you would like to work for and preparing an explanation why they should hire you.

3.) Don’t Forget to Follow up after an Interview
Whether you come out of an interview feeling like you aced it or like it was a disaster, do not hesitate to follow up and thank your interviewer. Expressing your appreciation and repeated interest in the position is both polite and will set you apart from other applicants.

4.) Don’t Copy Large Amounts of the Job Description in Your Application
Using too much of the wording of a posted job description can be a major turn-off for employers. Using language that shows you are qualified for a specific job is a good idea, but taking it word-for-word from the employer’s job listing or website comes across as inauthentic.

5.) Don’t Have a Negative Attitude Toward Former Employers
Interviews or discussions about potential jobs should not be viewed as opportunities to vent about the negative aspects of your previous job. Rather than expressing what you disliked about a previous position, focus on your own professional qualifications.

6.) Don’t Tell Everyone You’re Job Searching if You Are Still Employed
While asking around for help, advice, or opportunities during your job search may seem natural, use discretion when advertising your job search if you are employed. In a worst-case scenario word would get back to your current employer and you could be out of a job faster than you’ve found a new one.

7.) Don’t Use a Singular Strategy
Even if you run into hurdles along your job search, resist falling into a rut or becoming discouraged. If one approach, for example applying to jobs online, isn’t working, try taking your resume to employers and properties in person.

No matter what type of apartment job you are looking for, steer clear of these common mistakes and you are sure to stand out among the many other applicants in the industry.

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