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What is Grace Hill and how can it benefit you?

Grace Hill was founded by three members from the Apartment Management Industry. All of the founding members have extensive training and experience in the apartment industry from leasing, to managing, to training and marketing. Over the last 15 years, Grace Hill has grown tremendously as an educational and training tool for multifamily professionals.

So what exactly does Grace Hill provide? Grace Hill provides the latest in multifamily training by providing training document, webinars, and the best state-of-the-art online educations. Grace Hill provides webinars and online learning with industry specific materials ranging from workbooks to pre- and post-texting. All of their courses are centered around the specifics of each job title in the multifamily industry and stem from the vast experience brought to Grace Hill by their highly qualified teams.

In addition to their courses and training, Grace Hill provides built in tracking of student’s coursework and completions certificates. They also provide you with custom training schedule that fits your company’s and employee’s training needs. They offer a variety of courses ranging from Introductory Leasing courses to Social Media Management. Most importantly, they offer the latest of Fair Housing and training that fits your specific needs.

If you have hired new employees or just need to need to keep your current employees up to date with the latest training in the multifamily industry, you should be using Grace Hill. The incorporate a multitude of learning options to make learning fun as well as to make sure your teams are up-to-date with all of the current topics that are important to our industry!

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