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MY STORY: Lyric Daniel

Lyric used to work as an Account Executive before coming to the apartment industry. She was looking for an apartment and the property manager took her on the tour. Lyric and the manager talked and she was offered a position as a leasing consultant. When Lyric later needed work, she came to Hire Priority in the Houston office and met with Jency.

Lyric currently works as a temp with Hire Priority. She describes how helpful Jency is with finding her work and working with her schedule. Lyric says the Hire Priority staff is very understanding and helpful. She is very appreciative of the help that Jency has been and knows that she can rely on Jency to find places that are suitable to Lyric’s needs and own passions.

Lyric is now looking for a permanent placement position and is confident that the Houston Hire Priority staff with consider her needs and the types of work environment where she can succeed. Lyric and Jency are working together to find her a permanent placement position as an Assistant Manager where Lyric can put her seven years of experience in the apartment industry to work.

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