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What am I Paying a Staffing Company to do?

When you have a need for a qualified candidate to fill a position, you may begin to consider using a staffing company to help you fill your job openings. Hiring a new employee requires a lot of work and labor costs. You may spend hours going through hundreds of resumes and cover letters and that is just the time spent before actually setting up interviews.

If you decided to use a staffing company, they take care of most of this work for you. Staffing companies provide a large variety of services which ultimately lead to reducing your workload and time for finding the right person for the job.

First, a staffing company is able to locate employees for a variety of job openings including temporary workers and permanently placed workers.  A staffing company collects a variety of resumes from employees looking for work, sorts through their qualifications to find where they would be the best fit and matches their job experience, job preference, and personality with your company’s needs.

If you are just looking for some temporary help, a staffing company can also provide you qualified employees to help with your short term staffing needs. In this case, the employee is employed by the staffing company and sent to you for a short amount of time and your company is saved the hassle of filling out tax forms, employment paperwork, and the overall cost to the company is greatly reduced.

A multitude of work goes into sending qualified people to interview with the company for placement. In a sense, you are paying a staffing company to weed out those who are not qualified and who may not exactly fit your community’s culture. Staffing companies interview prospective talented individuals to match them up with your needs as an employer and use your specifications and qualifications to cut down on the time you spend with prospective employees that may not be at all qualified. A staffing company specializes in people and maintains a data base of individuals who are suited for very specific work environments.

A staffing company can potentially reduce the amount of time spent finding the right employee down from weeks to just days. Hire Priority specialized in finding talented people for the healthcare and apartment industries. Their database of qualified people is very specific and can fill the void in the work place very quickly! So the next time you find yourself needing new apartment office or maintenance staff, Hire Priority can find you the perfectly qualified candidate for your apartment community.

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