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Tips for Hiring Your Ideal Apartment Maintenance Team

Finding and sustaining a good maintenance team is one of the greatest challenges in the multifamily industry today. Between the increased need for this service among home developments and the decreased desire among younger generations to pursue this trade, finding dependable long-term maintenance staff can be frustrating. Here are some tips to help you navigate the journey of finding your ideal apartment maintenance team.

1.         Determine Exactly What You Are Looking For

This element of the hiring process is one of the most important steps in hiring the right maintenance team. Taking the time to sit down and evaluate exactly how much assistance you need, along with getting a clear picture of what primary tasks they will be covering is key. What are the biggest issues you face with your building(s)? Is there any knowledge you would prefer your candidates already possess, or will a desire to learn be sufficient? Go through the history of issues you have encountered in the past; was there anything you wish your maintenance staff had known that would have made things go more smoothly? From asking yourself questions like these, you’ll be able to determine the knowledge and availability your ideal candidate would possess, and you’ll be better able to determine what salary you are willing to pay for this position.

2.         Write a Descriptive Job Post

When posting a new job, do not be afraid to include exactly what you’re looking for. Be specific about which skills are mandatory, and which skills are simply preferred. Even if you are willing to offer some on-the-job training, making sure to honestly state your expectations will help you fine tune a better caliber of candidates who are willing and able to put in the hard work.

3.         Pre-Screen Before An In-Person Interview

During the hiring process, thoroughly reviewing each of your applications should always be the first step. Create your short list based on the cover letters and resumes received, and from there you will proceed with your phone interviews. Conducting phone interviews is an excellent way to identify any obvious red flags, and get a good feel for whether the candidate would be a good fit for your team. It will also help by greatly reducing the time needed for conducting in-person interviews. The candidates you pre-screen should be the ones that hold your peak interest only. Here are some sample questions to help you in narrowing down your candidate list:

  • What hours are you available each day? Are there any days or times during the week you know you cannot work?
  • What experience do you have working in multifamily maintenance?
  • Which tasks do you tend to enjoy the most?
  • Do you have any experience in keeping track of maintenance records? How did you go about this?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • Do you know anything about our community or company?

4.         In-Person Interview

At this point, you will have narrowed your choices down to a much more refined list of potential maintenance candidates. Be sure to make notes of everything that happens during this phase in the hiring process: Was the candidate late? How did they present themselves? Do they have clear and concise communication skills? Are they friendly? Are they fidgety? Meeting them in person will give you some quick insights on how they might interact with residents. Here are some sample questions for the in-person interview portion of the hiring process:

  • Describe a previous issue you encountered while performing work in an apartment maintenance or similar position. How did you resolve it?
  • You realize a mistake was made early on in a project you’re working on, and it will put you behind your deadline. What do you do?
  • How do you typically deal with conflict? Do you have an example of this?
  • What is the most important quality a supervisor should possess?
  • How would you rate your customer service skills?

5.         Send the Job Offer and Begin Probationary Period

Congratulations! You have finally found the ideal candidate to join your team. When sending your job offer, make sure to include a full job description, a salary outline, and a full narrative of company values and standards. You will always want to make sure you are clear about employment including a probationary period, because sometimes it just doesn’t end up working out (we’ve all been there). Remember to be specific regarding the time frame and expectations during the probationary period so there’s no confusion going forward. While we understand that finding the right maintenance fit for your community can be tricky, know that it’s not impossible. Being prepared with the right process and questions, and by following the proper steps, you can ensure you are creating a  maintenance team that is both efficient and dependable. At Hire Priority, we specialize in multifamily staffing services. We can help by providing you with insight regarding your processes, and assist you in accessing pre-screened maintenance professionals in the Central Texas area. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can assist with all of your hiring needs.


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The New Normal: The Future of Apartment Leasing in a Digital World

As we approach the first anniversary of Texas’s first lockdown order, we cannot help but reflect on the long-term changes that are a direct result from experiencing our first (and hopefully last) global pandemic. A majority of industries have had no choice but to adapt to survive, and the multifamily industry is no different. Even though the move toward digital processes and services had already begun, the incorporation of physical distancing only increased the need to implement these practices on a larger scale. While we were all forced to quickly accept these changes, industry leaders are suggesting they may not change once the pandemic has come to an end.

The Normalization of Digital Processes

Over the last year, multifamily leasing professionals have been forced to come up with creative solutions to continue sales and ongoing marketing efforts while continuing to follow safe social distancing practices. This task isn’t so simple when we’re speaking of not just individuals’ homes, but their communities as well. Digital-first products can be a great means for success, including systems such as: virtual tours, on-demand delivery and concierge services, virtual communities, online contract and payment portals, and contactless access options. While these are some of the more popular options, many more are available depending on your specific needs. It has also been found that as individuals begin adopting and accepting these digital approaches, the result will be a higher sense of customer loyalty while simultaneously streamlining the communities ability to meet the needs of their residents.

Benefits of Virtual Leasing

Studies suggest that over 50% of new leases signed in 2020 were done completely virtually, giving companies the ability to understand more clearly some of the benefits to digital processes. These processes not only impact long-term tenant relations, but they improve leasing operations as well.

  1. Quicker Rental Processes

A number of programs have become standardized throughout the industry, eliminating the time-consuming process of emailing, printing, signing, scanning, emailing back, etc. Having the ability to create, send, receive, and save documents will help to save your precious time, allowing you to focus on more pressing tasks.

  1. Streamlined Marketing

Between 3D Virtual Tours and interactive site maps, prospects are learning more quickly if an apartment community is the right fit for them. Combine that with auto-generated email marketing software, and you have the ability to instantly send your available rentals out to potential residents with ease. This has not only proven to be successful on the leasing side, but surveys suggest that tenants prefer these methods over previous marketing and in-person methods.

  1. Automated Organization

Online services, such as automated assistance, have helped leasing professionals streamline their internal processes as well. From having the ability to automatically schedule showings, answer common inquiries, prequalify applicants, and collect and organize information, automating your leasing processes ensures you don’t miss a beat.

  1. Reflecting Professional Appearances

In the multifamily industry, first impressions are everything. You are not just selling an apartment home after all, but a community. Online processes and experiences provide your residents with safe interactions, professional communications, and easy-to-use portals for not only their leasing process, but their living experience as a whole.

  1. Good for the Environment

The pandemic demonstrated to us how even the smallest changes can have big environmental impacts. “Going green” with your leasing and continued management processes will not only shine a positive light on your brand, showing a “we care” attitude, but can also save you a lot of money in the long run. The reduction of paper, stamps, ink, and envelopes may seem like a small cut in comparison but businesses who have made the switch have found that it greatly reduces their long-term operation costs overall.

The “New Normal” doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Leasing professionals across the country have adapted, proving that not all changes resulting from 2020 are bad. Utilizing and incorporating digital processes in your day-to-day can help save time, increase revenue, and create a more cohesive relationship between your residents and staff alike, leading the way to the better future we are all looking towards. Hire Priority is here to help you on this journey. As one of Texas’s leading multifamily staffing agencies, we pride ourselves in keeping up with current multifamily trends, allowing us to effectively  match the right candidates with the right positions. Please visit our website to learn how we can assist you along the next stage of your journey.

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How To Show Love To Your Leasing Staff on Valentine’s Day

The “holiday of love” is right around the corner and it’s a great time to let your leasing staff know you appreciate all the hard work they put into your Multifamily Housing property and its residents.

Most times Valentine’s Day can be pushed aside in the professional world, however it is the first universal opportunity in 2021 that you can set a tone of gratitude in the leasing office that can last the remainder of the year. Not to mention you can raise the spirits of some of your staff members that might not have anyone to share this dividing holiday with which will raise the morale in the office as the weekend approaches.

Below are 5 great ways to show your leasing staff they are loved this coming Valentine’s Day!

1. Free Pass

Everyone loves a day off! Give your leasing staff Valentine’s day cards with a free pass written on them which will allow them to take one paid day off outside of their normal paid time off. You can even dub it a “love yourself” day and encourage them to use the unexpected time off to treat themselves and show self love. Not only will this be a sweet surprise, it may also promote productivity by allowing the staff members to get some much needed personal time. 

Of course stipulations that apply to normal PTO procedures should apply to this extra “free pass”.

2. A Fun Workplace Theme Day

Have a fun workday theme and contest, such as “Colorful Sock Day” where no one wears shoes that day at work. This works best when the property manager wears outrageous socks and prominently walks around displaying Mickey Mouse toes.

Winner of the “Colorful Sock Day” gets awarded with, of course, socks. Residents, by the way, will think this is hilarious. 

3. An Appreciation Wall

Install a white board in a common area called the Gratitude Board or the Wall of Thanks. Encourage employees to write short “love” notes to thank each other on the board. Take a picture of the board on Friday and print the picture, then give the copies to the leasing staff in cute picture frames they can keep on their desks. The maintenance staff can also be included in this!

4. Valentine’s Day Raffle

Give everyone in the workspace 10 raffle-style tickets. Ask people to write people’s names leading up to Valentine’s Day to vote for the person who has done kind things in the previous year. Declare that person the “Sweetest” on Valentine’s Day. Award with a giant heart shaped box of candy that the whole group shares. This could become a yearly tradition that motivates kindness throughout the year!


5. Hand-Written Notes

Say thank you. Sincerely, honestly, and for a specific action or behavior. Better, say thank you with a handwritten card. Even better, enclose a $5 or $10 gift card. A handwritten “Valentine” from the property manager to their leasing staff members can go a long way in making them feel appreciated.

No matter what you do, we hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day this year!

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Apartment Groundskeeper (Austin, TX)

Job details

Salary$13 – $14 an hourJob TypeFull-timeNumber of hires for this role10+


  • Location:
    • Austin, TX 78731 (Preferred)

Full Job Description

Hire Priority has an eye for talent and is looking for several qualified Apartment Groundskeepers for communities in the Austin area. If you are a team player, who takes pride in their work, this may be the perfect opportunity for you!

Location: Austin

Why become apart of our team?

  • We are a caring team and strongly believe in a great work-life balance.
  • We offer a competitive hourly wage and pay weekly

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the community’s appearance: walk the community on a frequent basis and removing litter. Attention to detail is important!
  • Keep common areas (pool, laundry room, dumpster, and recreation areas)
  • Rake, sweep, and shovel. Safely operate small hand tools and mechanical equipment such as blowers
  • Perform power washing, paint curbs, trash out apartments, maintain light fixtures throughout the property as needed
  • Perform all other apartment maintenance duties as assigned


  • Apartment industry experience is helpful!
  • Detail-oriented
  • Entry-level experience in painting, janitorial work, knowledge of basic tools, etc.
  • Ability to work outdoors for extended periods of time
  • CPO (preferred)

Please be available for an immediate interview!

(Se Habla Espanol)

Must provide identification and proof of eligibility to work in the U.S, and complete an application and interview.

We look forward to adding you to our team!


Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $13.00 – $14.00 per hour


  • Dental insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


  • 8 hour shift


  • Austin, TX 78731 (Preferred)


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Leasing Consultant

Job details

Salary$13 – $15 an hourJob TypeFull-timeNumber of hires for this role10+


    • Customer Service: 1 year (Preferred)

Full Job Description

Hire Priority, Austin’s leader in Multifamily staffing is currently seeking to hire Experienced Apartment Leasing Consultant. If you are motivated, hardworking, capable of closing deals, and love to work with amazing people every day, this may be the perfect opportunity for you!

Leasing Consultant Responsibilities:

  • Engage and assist current and prospective residents
  • Show available apartment homes and amenities
  • Generate leads and follow up with prospects daily
  • Screen and qualify prospects and prepare lease agreements
  • Execute marketing strategies to increase traffic to the property

Leasing Consultant Requirements:

  • Multifamily leasing agent experience of at least 1 year, preferred for immediate placement
  • Experience in Yardi, Onesite, or Bluemoon helpful
  • Strong customer service skills, professionalism, and self-confidence
  • Weekend availability is a MUST
  • Lease Up Experience preferred

Leasing Consultant Benefits:

  • Tremendous opportunities for advancement
  • Great benefits and commissions
  • Up to $15/hr DOE

Please be available for an immediate interview!

Must provide identification and proof of eligibility to work in the U.S, and complete an application and interview process.

We look forward to adding you to our team!


Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $13.00 – $15.00 per hour


  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


  • 8 hour shift
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends


  • Leasing: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Customer Service: 1 year (Preferred)

Company’s website:


Work Remotely:

  • No

COVID-19 Precaution(s):

  • Remote interview process


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