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Tips for Successful Virtual Interviews

Tips for Successful Virtual Interviews

The dreaded second wave of the pandemic is upon us which means that doing things virtually is becoming the new normal. For the job seeker, this means that virtual interviews via popular video conferencing apps like Zoom are not disappearing any time soon. Virtual interviews may seem like an easier way of landing a position on the surface, but they can present hidden problems that could get in the way of your next dream job. Read on below as we discuss the best tips for acing your next virtual interview!

Make Sure Everything is Working on Your End

There is nothing more frustrating than technical issues when you are trying to put your best self forward. While sometimes there isn’t anything you can do to prevent a loss of connection or audio, you can be sure to do everything you can to ensure a smooth interview over the internet.

One hour before your interview, call a friend or family member over the application that you will be using to do the interview. Make sure that your video and audio are working correctly. By giving yourself an hour before the interview time you ensure that you can have ample time to fix any problems that come up in your test call.

Pay Attention To Your Background

It’s the little things that may get you the job and one of those little things may be what’s behind you during your interview. Be sure to be sitting in front of a clean and organized area. You may want to take it a step further and get a white sheet backdrop with a houseplant or something else aesthetically pleasing. Your interviewer will be seeing a lot of candidates over video conferencing and will remember the ones that were visually appealing, this also includes what you are wearing!

Close All Windows and Messages

Just like you would silence your phone before sitting down at a real-life interview, you need to be sure you close all internet browser windows and tabs that are not directly related to the interview. Also be sure to mute all messaging apps you have open. Just one moment of distraction during the interview could lose you the job.

Eye Contact

One of the biggest drawbacks of virtual interviews is the lack of human interaction in real life. Little things like a hand shake or body language are sorely missed when hiring candidates. Eye contact is very important and it is something that can be maintained with a virtual interviewer by looking directly into your camera instead of looking at your screen. This may feel awkward at first so it’s important to practice this with a friend or family member beforehand. It’s a little trick that can make a big difference!

While the economy is still struggling, there are many industries that are still booming. Don’t put your job search on hold just because you have to stay home!

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