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4 Resumes Tips from a Multifamily Recruiter

4 Resumes Tips from a Multifamily Recruiter

The Multifamily Housing Industry is booming and properties are looking to hire excited leasing agents and motivated maintenance professionals. If you find yourself getting ready to submit your resume to a prospective employer, make sure you utilize our top resume tips! Below we explore four great resume moves according to Multifamily Housing Recruiters!

1. Only Include Relevant Work Experience

While it may be tempting to include every job you have ever had on your resume, it’s smarter to just tailor your qualifications to the job you are applying for. This includes putting the relevant skills for each past job that would apply to the new job you are wanting to obtain. For example, if you are gunning for that Leasing Consultant position at the new high-rise property you will want to put all sales-related jobs you have had in the past. 

2. Put Your Best Experience up Top

Everyone knows that most resumes are supposed to have their work history in chronological order. While this may be true, it would also be beneficial to have your best past experience, relevant to the job you are seeking, at the top of the list. This especially refers to any certifications you had to have during a past job such as certain maintenance positions would require. Hiring managers are looking through tons of applications and you want to be sure they see the main reason you are the person for the job. 

3. Have an Online Supplement

Keeping your resume to one sheet, which is best, can be difficult. For this reason, having a personal website could be a great way to make sure all your super impressive information is available for someone to further explore if they are interested in hiring you. Not to mention that having a personal website is a wonderful way to showcase your ability to work with technology. Also in terms of the Multifamily Housing industry, linking to the websites of the past properties you worked for would give the hiring manager a better understanding of your past work experience in terms of environment.

4. Leave Out Graduation Dates

This tip is a little controversial because “Ageism” is not allowed in the hiring process. However let’s be realistic, when there are hundreds of applicants for one position a hiring manager may choose from the younger candidates because of unconscious bias or the other way around. Because of this human error, it is best not to include your graduation dates with your education experience. Obviously if asked you are to be honest, however at that point the hiring manager is aware of you and taking you seriously as a candidate. 

There you have it! If you would like to see more open positions in the Multifamily Housing Industry please reach out to the top recruiters at Hire Priority by visiting their website HERE.

Good luck in your job search!

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