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5 Job Search Tips for the Multifamily Industry

5 Job Search Tips for the Multifamily Industry

It’s a great time to be in the multifamily housing industry with rentals continuing to soar alongside new properties being built throughout 2020 and beyond. If you find yourself looking for a job in this ever expanding work sector you can read on to see our top 5 job search tops for the Multifamily industry!

1.  Complete Your Linked In Profile

LinkedIn is still the go-to social media for professionals and also provides great tips and tools for completing your profile. Even if you are not applying for executive-level positions you can still benefit from being on this networking platform. Completing your profile is an extension of your resume and is quick and free.  Top tips for succeeding on LinkedIn include making sure your profile picture is professional-looking, writing a quick bio that has been checked for errors, and also follow companies you are applying for.

2. Check out Recruitment Agencies

Multifamily Professional recruitment agencies, such as Hire Priority, are great places to look for amazing opportunities in the industry. These entities have developed trusted relationships with successful properties and often have upper management opportunities to offer candidates in addition to entry-level positions.

3. Go Old School

If you want to work in a certain area, it may be beneficial to drive around and take note of the properties you might be interested in working for. Seeing a property in person can not only give you a better understanding of the work environment, but also shows the hiring manager your initiative when you mention the fact  you selected their property as a potential workplace after seeing it in person.

4. Apartment Associations

Apartment Associations are a great way to get in touch with the professionals in your city to network your way into your next career. The associations hold events and even job fairs that you can take part in. Some are also willing to give you job leads if they know a certain property may be looking. If you are looking to move to a different city, that city’s apartment association is a great place to start to get to know the industry in that area.

5. Get Certified

Certifications are great additions to your resume, especially if you are looking to enter the maintenance field of the multifamily housing industry. Apartment Associations are also great places to look for certification programs. Check out the National Apartment Association for many great resources to get certified. 

Now is a great time to gain a position in the ever-growing Multifamily Housing Industry. To get started today please reach out to Hire Priority by submitting your resume on our website HERE.

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