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How to Make Your LinkedIn Competitive

5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Competitive

As the job search process moves online, an increasing number of employers are checking out prospective candidates’ LinkedIn profiles. This means that your profile must also function as an online resume, selling employers on your qualifications.

No matter the job you are applying for or your work experience, there are several steps you can take to make your profile competitive:

1.    Professional Photo

A profile picture won’t be the determining factor in whether or not you get hired; however an unprofessional picture could end up costing you a job. Just as on social media platforms, the pictures you include should showcase your best, most professional side.

2.    Meaningful Connections

There are lots of theories on the magic number of ‘connections’ to have on LinkedIn. Some say the more connections the better, while others speculate that too large of a number appears inauthentic. If you are unsure of how many connections to shoot for, most experts agree that you can’t go wrong with 50. Additionally, a variety of connections in different aspects of your field could give you a boost going forward in your job search. When applying for apartment jobs connections with other consultants, managers, and clients could be shared with a potential emp

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Finding a Job with Social Media


5 Tips to Use Social Media to Land Your Dream Job 

Social media outlets today are used by a majority of apartment properties, and as such can be employed when looking for a job in the apartment industry. These 5 tips will help you make the most of your online presence in order to land that job you have your eye on:

1.)  Be Deliberate about What You Put Online

Checking candidates’ online profiles is becoming a routine part of the hiring process, and consequentially you must be purposeful about what you upload. Unprofessional material on your profile can hurt your reputation with potential employers while industry-related posts or information could make you positively stand out as knowledgeable.

2.)  Use Social Media to Hunt for Jobs

Many companies or properties within the apartment industry in Houston, San Antonio and Austin will post job openings online, so keep an eye out for these on social media outlets. Doing a quick search on Facebook or Twitter could also bring up jobs that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

Check out @Hire_Priority on Twitter for a current list of Houston, San Antonio, and Austin apartment jobs.

3.)  Add to Online Conversations Meaningfully

Once you have online profiles, join in industry conversations and interactions in a way that is significant and employers might take notice. Another way to contribute meaningfully online is to create your own website or blog and then link to it on your social media. Creating your own materials online can set you apart as a leader in the industry.

4.)  Let People Know You’re Job Searching

If you have already left your job, letting people know via social media that you are looking for a job can lead to referrals in the future. Especially on a platform such as Facebook, where you connect with friends and family, people are more likely to keep you in mind if you say you are looking for a job.

5.)  Be Active on LinkedIn

Most of your time using social media to find a job should be via LinkedIn, which is the most professional of all outlets. Connect to people and groups here, as well as staying active on your own profile. Posting updates or links to your personal blog/website on LinkedIn will also boost your rankings on Google, and appear when someone searches your name.

Beyond in-person forms of networking, social media is an essential component of networking and securing a job in the apartment industry. By being deliberate in what you post online and reaching out companies offering apartment jobs, the success of your search will be accelerated.

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Networking to Find an Apartment Job

Networking Made Easy: 5 Steps to Use Your Network to Find an Apartment Job

While most people know that networking is crucial to securing an apartment job, the actual process of doing so can be intimidating. Rather than thinking of networking as a daunting but necessary obstacle, it can be a natural occurrence that makes the most of our social circles.

These 5 steps break down how to use the network you already have in order to find a job:

1.)  Analyze Your Network

Although opportunities for networking are everywhere, in order to successfully find a job you must implement your network in a way that is purposeful. The best way to determine where to begin networking is to list the current connections you have, including family, friends, and other professional contacts. Don’t limit yourself at first—think outside of the box to people you might normally pass up or those that have only lose connections to the apartment industry.


2.)  Prepare

The next step to take before you actually begin reaching out to people is to prepare a clear idea of what you hope to gain from your interactions. If you are walking into an informal meeting or a career social, be able to articulate the job you are looking for or what qualifies you. Networking without a set goal to work towards will be a waste of time and opportunity.


3.)  Connect Informally

Once you have completed a strategy and prepared to make the most of your network, begin connecting with contacts informally. Call, e-mail, or mention in conversation that you are looking for a job if you have already left your current position. Also, asking contacts outright for a job creates a lot of pressure; initially it is a better idea to ask people for advice and begin a relationship that could lead to a job later on.


4.)  Connect Formally

Connecting formally within your network includes many of the more traditionally thought of means of networking. Attending socials with apartment industry professionals, association meetings, or exchanging business cards are all tried and true means of networking. Beyond these in-person encounters you should also be active on LinkedIn, and connect with relevant professionals in the online sphere.


5.)  Follow up

At each step along the way you should seek to be especially considerate of those whom you are networking with, as they hold the potential power to give you a job. One way to show your appreciation for those who offer help, advice, or time is to follow up and say thank you. Even after you find a job, continue to invest in and grow your network.


No matter how small or large your network, these 5 steps are a way to realize its full potential. If you are just starting out networking, don’t be afraid to think big–as networking can put you in contact with jobs or people that would not otherwise be in reach.

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Apartment Industry Job Hunting Tips

5 Apartment Industry Job Hunting Tips

From ten units to four hundred, student housing to luxury hi-rise, the multi-family industry offers a wide range of job opportunities. This diversity is both good and bad when job hunting—more variety translates to a better chance of finding a position that’s a good match; but it can also be overwhelming when faced with so many options. These five tips will help you hone in on the job that’s best for you and secure a new position in the apartment industry:

1.) Reach out

Reaching out to the apartment communities you wish to work for can help you get your foot in the door, and even land you a job. One way to do this is by going in person to visit a potential employers management office, allowing them to put a face to your resume and visualize you in what could be your future work environment.

2.) Network

Networking in the apartment industry when you are looking for a job is crucial, and should be a tool used from start to finish of your job search. Start out by making the most of the connections you have, and seek to make new ones. For example, when you pay a visit to a property that you would like to work for they may not have any open positions—but can tell you that their sister property does.

3.) Be knowledgeable about the industry

Being knowledgeable about the apartment industry in your job search means both educating yourself personally through training as well as staying informed of broader industry trends. Apartment industry trends to be aware of include that demand for multi-family housing increases as overall employment growth increases and/or housing prices are high.  Typically, more apartments are built and occupancies increase when either of these factors occurs.

4.) Re-vamp Your Resume

Before you begin your multi-family job search, make sure your resume demonstrates that you are qualified for the apartment jobs you are applying for. Learn what you can about the multi-family company or property you want to work for, and show them on your resume or cover letter that you are familiar with their company, passionate about it, and qualified for a position there.

5.) Be Persistent

The types of multi-family or apartment jobs are numerous, and honing in on the ones that best fit you—quality over quantity—is key. Then keep up with those properties and positions by checking their websites daily and following up with any job opportunities.

In the face of high competition and a multitude of ways to go about finding an apartment job, these five tips will help your job search run smoothly and successfully. From start to finish—these tips will make sure you are the kind of qualified professional that your ideal multi-family employer wants to hire.

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Getting Your Social Media House in Order

Looking for an Apartment Job? Get Your Social Media House in Order

Because the apartment industry consists of a social media and networking element, your online presence could make the difference between employers moving on to other candidates or giving you a competitive edge. When you are looking for an apartment job, getting your social media house in order is necessary to making a good impression as well as to connecting to others in the apartment industry.

Create an Online Identity

If you don’t already have a presence on Facebook or LinkedIn (or other social media sites) creating profiles will add to potential employer’s impression of you as a qualified candidate. Your online identity should display your best side, and demonstrate a focus that is in line with the type of apartment job you are seeking. To take full advantage social media sites, your online identity should showcase talents that are relevant to the apartment industry and the positions you are applying for.

Research Yourself

This step consists of googling yourself, going through Facebook posts from the last year, scouring your LinkedIn profile, etc. Act as if you were a potential employer researching yourself—and anything that reflects poorly on you professionally should be taken off the Internet. In general, a good rule of thumb is to never put anything on the Internet that you wouldn’t want a future employer to see.

Make Connections

Once you have managed your online identity you can begin to make the most of these social media sites. Friend, follow, connect—each social media site will have a way to network, and when seeking competitive apartment jobs, networking can give you an edge against competitors. If you are unfamiliar with or want to find out more about making the most of the networking functions on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, there are numerous instructional videos on YouTube to offer help.

Getting your social media house in order may be a multi-step process; however, it will pay off as you look for apartment jobs by networking online or potential employers finding your profile. Social media is intertwined with the apartment industry in such a way that an online presence will both help you get noticed by employers as well as find positions. Just as employers may search for you online—keep an eye on them, checking their websites or other discussion forums for job opportunities or advice.


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