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How to Follow Up After an Apartment Job Interview


Habits of Successful Job Hunters: Following Up After Your Interview



Even if you ace your interview, you could still miss out on a job offer if you don’t take the opportunity to follow up with or thank your interviewer. In fact, this is becoming such standard practice that you should not only follow up with your interviewer, but you should do so in a creative way. Think outside the box and you could stand out from the rest of the job applicants.

Here are some of the best practices for following up after an apartment job interview:

1. Thank Your Interviewer

Whether via e-mail or handwritten note, you should send an thank you out to your interviewer ASAP. The more personal you can make it, the better. Beyond a simple “Thank you for your time,” perhaps re-iterate your interest in the position and express how much you would like to join a property’s team. If there was something that happened in your interview that sets you apart from other candidates you could mention this as well. For longer interview processes you may come into contact with multiple people at a property, and in this case it is appropriate to  send a thank you to everyone who helped you in the job search process. People like to feel appreciated, and a thank you is a good way to show your gratitude and genuine interest in a position.

2. Ask about the Next Step during Your Interview

Avoid the awkward ‘am I calling them’ or ‘are they calling me’ debate post-interview by clarifying what should happen next at the end of your interview. If an employer says they will have a decision made within a week and it has been a week and a half, then it is acceptable to call and politely check in. Asking about what happens next will also put your mind at ease after the interview, instead of wondering when a manager will be making a decision or if there is something else you could be doing to land the job.

3. Check-in

If a hiring process is drawn out, checking in with your interviewer is a good way to stay at the top of their mind. In high-competition cities such as Houston or Austin, the more steps you can take to stand out in your job search the better, because job openings receive so many applications. While you don’t want to pester a hiring manager, checking-in a few days after your interview can communicate that you are still interested. Keep any strong emotions–disappointment at not being hired yet, or anger that they haven’t already contacted you–aside, and focus on demonstrating the value you can bring to a property. Property managers are busy at work, so don’t ever seek to be too demanding or take up too much time.

Impressing hiring managers isn’t over when the interview is–following up can make or break your chances of getting hired. Be creative, personal, and seek to add value in each of your interactions with a potential employer and make sure you follow any post-interview instructions they give you in order to land the job!


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