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The Most Frequent Apartment Job Resume Mistakes


The Most Frequent Apartment Job Resume Mistakes

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            Some of the most common resume mistakes are also some of the easiest to avoid! According to AOL Jobs hiring managers said they wouldn’t consider a resume if it had the following mistakes: typos (61%), copying large amounts of words from the job posting (41%) and resumes with an inappropriate email address (35%).

Here’s how to avoid these mistakes as well as other frequent mistakes:


1.    Strange Fonts and Sizes

An apartment job resume is not the time to show off you artistic abilities—keeping your resume formatted in a standard resume template makes it more likely that it will leave a good impression on its reader. Resumes with difficult to read fonts and multiple sizes are distracting, more likely to confuse a hiring manager than impress him or her.

2.    Not Including Complete or Up to Date Contact Info

Usually a hiring manager will reference your resume in order to contact you for an interview. Triple-check for any typos on your phone number, address, and email address and make sure to feature the information at the top of your resume.

3.    Irrelevant Content

Beginning with your most recent, most relevant job, your work experience should progress back in time. Leave out any jobs that are completely irrelevant to the apartment job you are applying for, and make sure to include any apartment work experience. If you are applying for an apartment job but have no direct experience, try to showcase positions or jobs that required a similar set of skills.

4.    Typos

Even if all of the information on your resume is outstanding, a small typo can catch the eye of a potential employer, leaving a bad impression. Typos will come across as unprofessional and suggest you rushed writing your resume. Double and triple check for spelling, grammar, and typing mistakes! A little time spent making sure your resume is perfect will pay off when you get the call for an interview.

5.    Too long or Not Long Enough

Most resumes should stick to about a page in length, with mandatory Work Experience and relevant Skills sections. If you resume is too long you risk jumbling its focus, and if too short you may come across as inexperienced.


A hiring manager in a competitive job market like Houston may review fifty applications for one apartment job; and with just one of these mistakes a resume could end up in the trash. Avoiding these mistakes will set you apart from your competition and one step closer to getting the call for an interview.

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