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Interview Mistakes We’ve Seen & How to Avoid Them

Common Interview Mistakes We’ve Seen & How to Avoid Them 

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            Most interview disasters can be avoided with preparation. That’s not to say that accidents never happen—spilled coffee on your best shirt or car troubles on the way to the meeting—but you should always prepare in order to avoid mistakes that signal a red flag to employers. Here’s our list of the most common:

1. Arriving Late

First impressions are crucial, and if you are late to your interview you will be starting your interview off with a setback. Arriving on time communicates that you are professional and respectful of your potential employer’s time.

2. Dressing Unprofessionally

Dressing too casually is likely to leave a lasting impression in your interviewer’s mind—sometimes more than arriving late or saying the wrong thing; an unprofessional outfit can set you back. Always dress one notch up from the expected dress code in order to show a professional attitude.

 3. Not Knowing the Position You’re Applying For

Too often candidates walk in to an interview unsure of the type of apartment job they are applying for or what it requires. If you are unsure of the position you are interviewing for then it is going to be difficult to convince your interviewer that you truly want it. A simple way to avoid this is to research the position and the company beforehand.

4. Giving Away Too Many Weaknesses

When asked “What is your greatest weakness?” you should give an a weakness; but it doesn’t have to be one that could be held against you as a candidate. Some interviewees will list several of their genuine flaws, which can convince an interviewer that they aren’t right for the job.

 5. Talking Too Much

Perhaps due to nerves or an eagerness to prove themselves, some people have a tendency to talk the entire time of their interview. If this is you then take a breath and focus on listening and responding to your interviewer, whose job it is to lead the interview.

 6. Not Asking Any Questions

While talking too much is a bad interview habit, so is not talking enough. Your interviewer will expect you to ask questions, so come with a couple prepared. Not asking questions will make you seem uninterested or unmotivated to get the job.

 7. Talking Negatively about Previous Bosses

An interview should be a time to showcase you most positive aspects, and talking bad about a previous boss is a quick way to damper the atmosphere. Even if you feel strongly about a previous boss, an interview is not the place to discuss it.

 8. Poor Body Language

Beyond the words that are coming out of your mouth, pay attention to what your body language is communicating. Apartment jobs are usually fast-paced, so try to stay focused, upbeat, and confident during you interview and let your body language follow. If you appear tired or unsure during your interview an employer could assume that you will behave the same on the job.


Take measures against making these common mistakes and you will be at the top of the pack of applicants who are walking in to an interview for the same job. Remember–once you’ve prepared don’t worry about everything that could go wrong; stay focused on showing that you are the best fit for the job.


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