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Making Your Administrative Job Resume Stand Out


5 Ways to Make Your Admin Resume Stand Out

Admin Resume

To land an admin job your resume has to not only show that you are qualified for a position, but also that you are the best person for the job. This means that your resume must embody the skills an admin position requires—organization, multi-tasking, and professionalism. Here’s our top 5 ways to make sure your admin resume stands out from the pile:

1.     Use Good Formatting

Administrative jobs require the utmost levels of organization, and your resume should reflect your skill for keeping things in order. If a jumbled, disorganized resume floats across a hiring manager’s desk they are less likely to hire you and more likely to assume that you are likewise disorganized. Keep your resume clear, concise, and following a traditional template in order to get noticed.

2.     Showcase Your Achievements

Under each previous position you have held you should include a brief description (bullet points) of your job duties. Showcase your achievements by including ways in which you excelled at work, for example training someone else, making the office more efficient, or other ways you improved at your position. When possible, use numbers or percentages to quantify and demonstrate these accomplishments (For example: Customer Satisfaction increased by 30% while I served as a Customer Service Rep).

3.     Highlight Your Relevant Experience

Your resume should progress from your most recent work experience to your least recent. Any positions that are irrelevant or too long ago to be relevant should be left off. Note: If you do not have direct administrative job experience you should evaluate previous positions on how well their demands could transfer to an admin position. Work where you were in an office, providing customer support, or even sales could be valuable in the eyes of your resume’s reader.

4.     Recognize Your Special Skills

One of the best ways to set your resume apart is to include a section at the end for your special skills. Additional training, software knowledge, or language skills are a few examples of what you may chose to include. Most resumes will look the same to a hiring manager, so use this section to go the extra mile and get noticed!

5.     Double Check for Errors

Administrative jobs are highly detail-oriented, and as such having errors on your resume could be a major turn-off to an employer. Double and triple check for grammar and spelling errors to avoid having your resume tossed out at first glance.


Applying for administrative positions is competitive, but following these tips and acing your interview will set you apart and show that you are the best person for the job.

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