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Finding a Job During the Holidays


The holidays are often thought of as one of the most difficult time to look for a job; however, if you manage your time right it could be one of the most productive. Among all the business, holiday parties, and baked goods this time of year there are plenty opportunities to push your job search to the next step!


1. Plan Ahead

Despite the temptation to slow down the apartment job search process this time of year, companies must still continue their staffing plans. Just as properties will continue to hire, you must continue to search during this time. Continue to reach out to employers or recruiting agencies and it could pay off immediately or when things pick up again after the season is over.

2. Network at holiday parties

Frequent as many holiday parties as you have time for with the aim of professional networking. With business card in hand, holiday parties for work or friends are an excellent opportunity to make connections. If you are hunting for an apartment job, properties, associations, recruiters, and individuals will all throw holiday parties–each ripe opportunities for networking.

 3. Send small gifts as a follow-up

A small token of thanks goes a long way to those who have helped you along in your job hunt. The spirit of giving that goes hand in hand with the holidays is an excellent opportunity to show you appreciation to people who have helped you and to remind them that you are still looking for a job.

 4. Send Holiday Cards

With relatively little time an effort, holiday cards can be sent to those in your network, whether clients, co-workers, or hiring companies. The recipient could be in need of someone that matches your skill set—and the card is a great way to remind him or her that you are available. Following up in January is also a good idea.

5. Refresh Your Online Image

No matter how busy the holidays, down time can be used to focus on your online personal brand. Making sure your Facebook and LinkedIn are up to date and profession is a great way to give your job search a boost during this time.


Make the most of the holidays with these job search tips, and you could end up with something better than a present under the tree at Christmas—you could land the job you’ve had your eye on!

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