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3 Keys to a Stronger Resume


How to Write a Resume That Shows Your Strengths 


As an accumulation of your professional experience, your resume deserves to be thoughtfully put together in the most meaningful way possible. Whether you already have a go-to resume or are in the process of writing one, these 3 keys will make your resume stronger than ever:

1. Put the Most Important Information First

Because you reader’s eyes will naturally move from top to bottom of the page, start with your most eye-catching information. For example, if you are a recent grad you may want to showcase your education at the top of your resume. Moving down the page you should continue to highlight the experience that most qualifies you for a job. When applying for an apartment job this could encompass properties you have worked at recently, or if you have worked in a related field. Though time consuming, this may mean altering your resume to make it as relevant as possible for each position you apply for. Keep a description of the job you are applying for on hand, and make sure you demonstrate you qualifications as you craft your resume.

2. Show Don’t Tell

As you detail your work experience in your resume, seek ways to go beyond simply stating your responsibilities. Instead of writing that you “leased successfully” at your last apartment job, include that you “tripled your closing ratio.” Assigning numbers to your achievements or demonstrating how you benefited your previous employer communicates that you are a good candidate infinitely more than simply listing tasks.

 3. Giver Your Resume a Facelift

Looks are important when it comes to your resume—a resume that appears jumbled at first glance could leave a bad first impression, no matter how qualified you are for a position. Streamline your resume in such a way that it is obvious how a reader is meant to interpret it, maintaining consistent formatting and avoiding long-winded paragraphs. Don’t get too overzealous on designing your resume though; adding different fonts, colors, or graphics can also detract from coming across as profession. Most jobs, especially apartment jobs, require candidates to be highly organized, and what better way to communicate this than by the first look at your resume.

Next time you get stuck writing your resume, or if you are currently in the process of doing so, stick to these 3 keys to get your resume noticed. Standing out in a job search is difficult to do, and these tips will ensure your resume sets you up for success.




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