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How to Job Hunt While Still Employed

Job-hunting while still employed makes a lot of sense—it prevents gaps on your resume, in your income, and gives you freedom to search thoroughly for a job that is a good match. Though preferable, looking for a job while employed can also be tricky.

If you are currently looking for an apartment job, or hoping to make a switch in the near future, avoid these common mistakes in your job hunt:

1. Schedule Interviews during Non-Work Hours
The less obvious about your job search you are the better; and one way to do this is to go to interviews in your off time. If you are hunting for an apartment job you may need to end up dedicating a significant amount of time to going out to interview or do trial runs at properties. Rather than cutting time out of your workday, consider taking a day off and lumping your interviews together on that day.

2. Don’t Tell Your Coworkers
Even sharing your job search with a trusted colleague could wind up in disaster. Once word gets out in your workplace that you are planning on quitting, the likelihood of your boss finding out is high. A colleague or boss who knows you want a new job could result in you being let go before you have a new position secured—it’s much better to keep your search to yourself!

3. Perform Well at Your Current Job
While you may be tempted to let your work performance slip at your current job because you won’t be there much longer; this could backfire in a number of ways. Slacking off while you job search will leave your employer with a bad last impression and can hurt their potential as future professional references.

4. Don’t Broadcast on Social Media
Letting your LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook networks know that you are on the market for a job—even if you aren’t friends with your boss or coworkers online—is dangerous. Anything that you put on the Internet should be considered public knowledge, as there is a good chance that if someone wants to find you online, they can. Even joining or following groups such as “Apartment Jobs Austin” or “Now Hiring Apartment Jobs” can be a red flag to someone viewing your profile that you are seeking a new job.

Don’t fall into the common traps of job searching while employed by following these 4 tips. Above all, try to be private in your search, respecting your current employer and potential ones.

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