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The Future Looks Bright: Why You Should Be a Medical Assistant


The Future Looks Bright: 6 Reasons Why You Should Become a Medical Assistant Medical Assistant Job

Not only is Medical Assistant a popular career choice – it’s also a smart one. In our current economy, Medical Assistants are experiencing job growth almost twice as high as the average job. Especially in high-population states like Texas, Medical Assistant jobs are both plentiful and profitable.

Considering becoming a Medical Assistant? Read on for our top 6 reasons why doing so is a smart move:

 1. Job Security

As the U.S.’s population grows and ages, its demands on the healthcare system are increasing. This will translate to a greater need for medical professionals in the coming years, Medical Assistants included. With a 34% projected growth in the coming decade, Medical Assistants will experience job prospects far outranking that of most jobs.

 2. Career Advancement

If you have your sights set on a career in healthcare, becoming a Medical Assistant is a the ideal place to start. The exposure and connections you make in the field will put you on the track to success farther up the career ladder if you choose to climb. The option to specialize in a particular medical field is also available to Assistants, which can equip you with a skill set that employers are willing to pay more for.

 3. Job Satisfaction

Medical Assistants work directly with patients and doctors, providing a variety of medical services and procedures. On the job you will constantly be helping people—whether it is with necessary paperwork or conducting life-saving procedures. The rewards of becoming a Medical Assistant are immeasurable; as you both treat patients and help doctors do their best.

 4. Flexible Hours

No matter if you are looking for part-time or full-time hours, both are in demand in the Medical Assistant field. Some positions (mostly at hospitals) also require Medical Assistants at odd hours.

5. Positive Environment

As a Medical Assistant you work in physician’s offices, hospitals, and the offices of healthcare practitioners. Overall, your work in these places will be positive, people-oriented, and in an office that is kept clean and orderly.

 6. Wages

If these reasons aren’t convincing enough – the wages for Medical Assistants are good and growing. Due to the high demand for Medical Assistants, wages for the position are climbing. The average hourly rate is $14.80 per hour or $30,780 per year, with the top 10% of professionals making $41,570. With a large population, Texas is has the second highest employer of Medical Assistants in the U.S.; and large cities such as Houston and Austin experience this boom the most.

Get your Medical Assistant career started today by applying for a placement through Hire Priority at: http://www.hirepriority.com/job-search/

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Creating a Successful Staffing Plan

3 Steps to Creating a Successful Staffing Plan

The best time to have a staffing plan is not when you run into problems, but ahead of time—now. While each company is different, these 3 steps cover how to create a plan that can be successfully adapted to your company:

1.)   Analyze Your Past & Present Situation

Begin creating your plan by thinking about what changes your company has undergone in the past year or so and how it plans to change in the near future. By determining what has and has not worked you can eliminate ineffective hiring methods and improve your current one. The apartment industry and market is constantly changing as well, and industry trends that may affect your company should be taken into consideration.

2.)   Know Who is Applying

Being aware of who is looking for apartment jobs in your area and how qualified they are will make your staffing process smoother. Holding interviews weekly and talking to a variety of candidates can determine your applicant pool’s strengths and weaknesses. Will most applicants need further training? Is there an overabundance of a certain skill? These and many other questions should become clear as you explore your applicant pool. Especially in large cities such as Houston and Austin where applicants are plentiful, knowing your applicant pool is crucial. Once you have established who is looking for jobs you can better know who to hire.

3.)   Use Your Resources

When it comes time to hire new employees do not limit your approach to one outlet. Finding candidates online may be one means to finding hires, but employee referrals or networking through industry associations could also lead to recruits. A staffing company can also provide an efficient means of staffing your company without added stress. A multi-faceted approach that combines company’s existing network with additional help will maximize the influence of your staffing plan.

The staffing process is integral to a company’s well-being and as such should not be left to chance or under-preparation. By analyzing your staffing needs, knowing who your applicants are, and using your resources you will be able to construct a staffing plan that is full-proof.

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Networking to Find an Apartment Job

Networking Made Easy: 5 Steps to Use Your Network to Find an Apartment Job

While most people know that networking is crucial to securing an apartment job, the actual process of doing so can be intimidating. Rather than thinking of networking as a daunting but necessary obstacle, it can be a natural occurrence that makes the most of our social circles.

These 5 steps break down how to use the network you already have in order to find a job:

1.)  Analyze Your Network

Although opportunities for networking are everywhere, in order to successfully find a job you must implement your network in a way that is purposeful. The best way to determine where to begin networking is to list the current connections you have, including family, friends, and other professional contacts. Don’t limit yourself at first—think outside of the box to people you might normally pass up or those that have only lose connections to the apartment industry.


2.)  Prepare

The next step to take before you actually begin reaching out to people is to prepare a clear idea of what you hope to gain from your interactions. If you are walking into an informal meeting or a career social, be able to articulate the job you are looking for or what qualifies you. Networking without a set goal to work towards will be a waste of time and opportunity.


3.)  Connect Informally

Once you have completed a strategy and prepared to make the most of your network, begin connecting with contacts informally. Call, e-mail, or mention in conversation that you are looking for a job if you have already left your current position. Also, asking contacts outright for a job creates a lot of pressure; initially it is a better idea to ask people for advice and begin a relationship that could lead to a job later on.


4.)  Connect Formally

Connecting formally within your network includes many of the more traditionally thought of means of networking. Attending socials with apartment industry professionals, association meetings, or exchanging business cards are all tried and true means of networking. Beyond these in-person encounters you should also be active on LinkedIn, and connect with relevant professionals in the online sphere.


5.)  Follow up

At each step along the way you should seek to be especially considerate of those whom you are networking with, as they hold the potential power to give you a job. One way to show your appreciation for those who offer help, advice, or time is to follow up and say thank you. Even after you find a job, continue to invest in and grow your network.


No matter how small or large your network, these 5 steps are a way to realize its full potential. If you are just starting out networking, don’t be afraid to think big–as networking can put you in contact with jobs or people that would not otherwise be in reach.

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MY STORY: Lyric Daniel

Lyric used to work as an Account Executive before coming to the apartment industry. She was looking for an apartment and the property manager took her on the tour. Lyric and the manager talked and she was offered a position as a leasing consultant. When Lyric later needed work, she came to Hire Priority in the Houston office and met with Jency.

Lyric currently works as a temp with Hire Priority. She describes how helpful Jency is with finding her work and working with her schedule. Lyric says the Hire Priority staff is very understanding and helpful. She is very appreciative of the help that Jency has been and knows that she can rely on Jency to find places that are suitable to Lyric’s needs and own passions.

Lyric is now looking for a permanent placement position and is confident that the Houston Hire Priority staff with consider her needs and the types of work environment where she can succeed. Lyric and Jency are working together to find her a permanent placement position as an Assistant Manager where Lyric can put her seven years of experience in the apartment industry to work.

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Why Choose a Staffing Company?

We are going to approach this question from both angles. As an employer, why should you choose to have a staffing company help you recruit for your next open position for a leasing consultant, property manager, or maintenance personell? As well as why should you as a job seeker try choose to use a staffing company to find your next employer.

Let us begin by taking a look at this from the employer side of things. In today’s economy, it’s great that you’re hiring. The apartment industry seems to be growing and with that growth comes the need for more employees. Whatever your reason for needing a new employee, finding them often takes a lot of effort and work on your part. You need someone to fill that void in your work place and someone who can ideal come in and stay for a while. That’s where a staffing company like Hire Priority comes in.


The worst case scenario occurs when you make the decision to hire someone and then realize later that they were not a great fit for your company. You will have invested training, time, money, and hours getting this person into their new position before knowing you may have made the wrong choice. Much like shopping and trying on clothes, a staffing company gives you the opportunity to try on different employees before making the investment into hiring them full time. They handle the screening, the interview, and they often have people ready to jump right into the next position at your apartment community.

As an employee, looking for a job is work itself. Often, out of desperation you may take the first position that is offered. Again, the above scenario may apply. What if that company culture does not suit your personality or your work style? Once you are finally hired, it is very difficult to quit and start the search over. If you choose to go through a staffing company, then you too have an opportunity to shop different companies and apartment communities to find the right fit for you. If you spend a few weeks in a position and find that it is not the perfect fit, you can contact your staffing company and have them help move you to another place.

Keep in mind that you should look for a staffing company that specializes in your industry. It creates a match made in heaven, where employees who want to work in the apartment industry apply with staffing agencies that place employees with employers in the apartment industry. Everyone is specialized these days, and when you’re simply posting your open job positions out there, you may not be targeting people who already have a passion for your industry.


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