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5 Things to Do in the First 5 Minutes of Your Interview


5 Things to Do in the First 5 Minutes of Your Interview

A lot can go wrong in the first five minutes of an apartment job interview; but a lot can also go right if you are prepared! First impressions are made quickly, and an employer will be taking note of at least these five things when you meet them.


Start off acing your interview by doing these 5 things:

 1. Don’t Be Late

In fact, you should plan to be early for your interview, especially if you usually show up to places a couple minutes behind. No matter if it’s the middle of the day or rush hour—traffic in big cities like Houston can be crazy—plan for bad traffic and a wrong turn.

2. Dress to Impress

Even if you have a flawless resume and work experience, you must impress your employer by dressing up for your meeting. Whether the property you are interviewing for is casual or formal, always dress a notch up from what you expect.

3. Shake Hands Like You Mean It

A hiring manager may cycle through a number of interviews in a busy day for an apartment job. Stand out by shaking hands when you first meet, making eye contact, and expressing your gratitude that they are meeting with you.

 4. Hand Over a Copy of Your Resume

Unless you have been told not to bring your resume, show up with the best copy you’ve got. This sign of preparation is a mark of professionalism that your interviewer will appreciate.

 5. Use Positive Body Language

When you walk into your interview you should seek to embody your full potential—be confident that you are the best person for the job because this is what your interviewer is looking for. Sitting up straight, smiling, and making eye contact will all convey confidence even if you aren’t feeling it!


All it takes is 5 minutes to make good impression, and these 5 things will set you far ahead of many candidates.


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Austin Apartment Association Vegas Night


Many thanks to everyone who stopped by Hire Priority’s Blackjack table at the Austin Apartment Association Vegas Night 2014!

There were over 400 industry professionals in attendance at the event. Here’s our re-cap summary of the night, along with brief interviews with apartment industry experts.

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How to Follow Up After an Apartment Job Interview


Habits of Successful Job Hunters: Following Up After Your Interview



Even if you ace your interview, you could still miss out on a job offer if you don’t take the opportunity to follow up with or thank your interviewer. In fact, this is becoming such standard practice that you should not only follow up with your interviewer, but you should do so in a creative way. Think outside the box and you could stand out from the rest of the job applicants.

Here are some of the best practices for following up after an apartment job interview:

1. Thank Your Interviewer

Whether via e-mail or handwritten note, you should send an thank you out to your interviewer ASAP. The more personal you can make it, the better. Beyond a simple “Thank you for your time,” perhaps re-iterate your interest in the position and express how much you would like to join a property’s team. If there was something that happened in your interview that sets you apart from other candidates you could mention this as well. For longer interview processes you may come into contact with multiple people at a property, and in this case it is appropriate to  send a thank you to everyone who helped you in the job search process. People like to feel appreciated, and a thank you is a good way to show your gratitude and genuine interest in a position.

2. Ask about the Next Step during Your Interview

Avoid the awkward ‘am I calling them’ or ‘are they calling me’ debate post-interview by clarifying what should happen next at the end of your interview. If an employer says they will have a decision made within a week and it has been a week and a half, then it is acceptable to call and politely check in. Asking about what happens next will also put your mind at ease after the interview, instead of wondering when a manager will be making a decision or if there is something else you could be doing to land the job.

3. Check-in

If a hiring process is drawn out, checking in with your interviewer is a good way to stay at the top of their mind. In high-competition cities such as Houston or Austin, the more steps you can take to stand out in your job search the better, because job openings receive so many applications. While you don’t want to pester a hiring manager, checking-in a few days after your interview can communicate that you are still interested. Keep any strong emotions–disappointment at not being hired yet, or anger that they haven’t already contacted you–aside, and focus on demonstrating the value you can bring to a property. Property managers are busy at work, so don’t ever seek to be too demanding or take up too much time.

Impressing hiring managers isn’t over when the interview is–following up can make or break your chances of getting hired. Be creative, personal, and seek to add value in each of your interactions with a potential employer and make sure you follow any post-interview instructions they give you in order to land the job!


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Tips for an Administrative Job Interview


4 Ways to Prepare for an Administrative Job Interview

Admin Interview
Preparing for an interview for an administrative position is much like preparing for any other interview; however, there are several specific strategies you can use to ensure you impress your interviewer.

1. Prepare Examples of Past Success
There is a high chance your interviewer will ask a question about your previous achievements or performance; and when he or she does you should have a thoughtful answer. Questions about previous success are one of the best opportunities to demonstrate that you are a good choice for a position. You don’t need to show off or brag; but you should prepare a solid example of a professional success that involves skills relevant to administrative positions.

2. Research the Company
The nature of administrative jobs requires preparedness, and an interviewer will expect you to walk in to your interview having researched their company. Knowing what a company does, their values, and what kind of culture they foster will set you apart in your interview. Familiarizing yourself with the company beforehand will also prevent you from asking embarrassing questions about it that you should already know the answer to.

3. Rehearse Responses for Common Questions
In addition to basic interview questions, administrative interviews will hone in on your relevant skills. Depending on the company and position you are interviewing for, you should rehearse responses to questions about your multitasking, organizing, communications, and technical skills. Be prepared to sell yourself on customer service and organizational skills, as well as list the software programs you are familiar with.

4. Dress for Success
Lastly, the attire you choose for your interview is crucial. Administrative jobs are often heavy in customer service and possibly customer interaction. As a representative of the company you must always be dressed professionally and in line with company standards. For your interview it is better to dress one notch up in formality from what is expected.

While there is no set formula to prepare for an interview, these guidelines will set you up to succeed at your next administrative interview. Administrative jobs in the current job market of cities such as Houston and Austin are excellent opportunities in a competitive job market to advance your career in administration or gain invaluable experience for a future field.


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Preparing for Your Next Job Interview

6 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Job Interview

Preparedness is one of the most important traits to a potential employer because it is a good indicator of how well you will perform at your job. Most likely, if someone walks in late, disheveled, and uncertain to an interview, they are not going to be viewed as a potential asset to the company they are interviewing with. Here are 6 ways to prepare for you next interview to make sure you get the job:

1. Research the Company
The more you know about the company you are interviewing with, the better the impression you will make. If you are familiar with the company’s missions you can both explain why they should hire you and demonstrate genuine interest in working there. With apartment jobs, researching a property before hand is an effective way to show that you already care about the property and its success.

2. Know the Position You are Applying For
Some applicants apply to a multitude of jobs, playing roulette with their resume. Even if you do apply to sever of jobs at once, you should walk in to each interview as if it is the number one job you want.

3. Dress to Fit in with the Company
Beyond dressing professionally for your interview, dress to fit in with the company culture. For example, with apartment jobs you should dress according to the environment of the property, whether it is vibrant, serious, or more laid-back. If you dress like you fit in, your interviewer is more likely to see you as part of the company and therefore hire you.

4. Prepare Questions
Equally as important as your answers to interview questions are the questions you will ask your interviewer. Coming to an interview without questions, or with questions you should know the answer to, shows an unfavorable lack of preparation. Make sure you do ask your interviewer questions, and one shows that you are motivated to perform as best as possible on the job.

5. Bring Your Resume
Even if an employer does not explicitly state to bring a resume, having one on hand communicates that you will go above and beyond to be prepared in any situation.

6. Know How to Get There—And Don’t be Late!
This is incredibly important! Getting lost and wasting your interviewers time sets you up for a poor first impression. Especially with apartment jobs, when interviewing with a manager they are already sacrificing valuable time to meet with you; and lateness is taken as a sign of disrespect.

The amount of preparation that goes in to your interview will pay off as your potential employer takes note! Taking these 6 measures as well as others not only demonstrates professionalism, but that you are committed to succeeding at your job.

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