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Tips for an Administrative Job Interview


4 Ways to Prepare for an Administrative Job Interview

Admin Interview
Preparing for an interview for an administrative position is much like preparing for any other interview; however, there are several specific strategies you can use to ensure you impress your interviewer.

1. Prepare Examples of Past Success
There is a high chance your interviewer will ask a question about your previous achievements or performance; and when he or she does you should have a thoughtful answer. Questions about previous success are one of the best opportunities to demonstrate that you are a good choice for a position. You don’t need to show off or brag; but you should prepare a solid example of a professional success that involves skills relevant to administrative positions.

2. Research the Company
The nature of administrative jobs requires preparedness, and an interviewer will expect you to walk in to your interview having researched their company. Knowing what a company does, their values, and what kind of culture they foster will set you apart in your interview. Familiarizing yourself with the company beforehand will also prevent you from asking embarrassing questions about it that you should already know the answer to.

3. Rehearse Responses for Common Questions
In addition to basic interview questions, administrative interviews will hone in on your relevant skills. Depending on the company and position you are interviewing for, you should rehearse responses to questions about your multitasking, organizing, communications, and technical skills. Be prepared to sell yourself on customer service and organizational skills, as well as list the software programs you are familiar with.

4. Dress for Success
Lastly, the attire you choose for your interview is crucial. Administrative jobs are often heavy in customer service and possibly customer interaction. As a representative of the company you must always be dressed professionally and in line with company standards. For your interview it is better to dress one notch up in formality from what is expected.

While there is no set formula to prepare for an interview, these guidelines will set you up to succeed at your next administrative interview. Administrative jobs in the current job market of cities such as Houston and Austin are excellent opportunities in a competitive job market to advance your career in administration or gain invaluable experience for a future field.


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