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Top 2014 Hiring Tips

Top Hiring Tips for the Apartment Industry in 2014

Just as the apartment industry evolves year-to-year, so does the hiring process for apartment jobs. With steep competition in the market for open positions, hiring managers are faced with the challenge of recruiting from a large and varied pool of applicants.

Here’s this years top tips for a more successful and streamlined hiring process.

1. Be Clear About Your Expectations

One of the easiest ways to attract the wrong kind of job applicants is to create a job listing that is ambiguous or unclear. Specifying the positions requirements and what it will consist of can help weed out applicants. Likewise, during the interview process be sure to be upfront about the demands of the position to avoid confusion later on.

 2. Have a List of Questions for Interviews

For each interview you conduct you should do your homework on the applicant, taking time to review and assess his or her resume. Additionally, having a list of questions to use for each interview will ensure you are prepared and also consistent in your interviewing process. In the apartment industry these can cover anything from specific skills to how an applicant would respond in a challenging situation. Of course you can go beyond these pre-determined questions, but they will provide a helpful jumping off point.

3. Ask About Applicants Past Performance

Included in that list of interview questions to ask should be at least one that addresses a candidates’ work history. Past performance is one of the best indicators of future performance; so don’t neglect delving into questions about previous positions. Questions covering a candidate’s previous professional challenges at an apartment job, accomplishments, or why they left a position fall into this category.

 4. Don’t Overlook the Small Things

The wealth of resources available on the Internet for interviewees is plentiful, with the result that applicants often come to interviews with standard, unoriginal answers to questions. In a market as competitive as the apartment industry, small details can set one candidate apart from another. If a candidate is late, disheveled, or has other indicators of unprofessionalism it could be a strong indicator of behaviors that will continue on the job.

5. Try out a Candidate Before Hiring

More and more employers are ‘test-driving’ employees before they make the commitment to hire. Especially with apartment jobs, having a candidate come work for a few days or weeks can serve as a good prediction if they will fit with your team and property. Hiring the wrong person for a job costs time and money, but by taking a potential employee on for a short time you can reduce the risk of making a bad hire.


The hiring process can eat up a property’s time and money, but with these tips you can begin to simplify the process so that it is stress-free and effective for 2014.

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