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Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions

Answers to the 3 Toughest Interview Questions 

Preparation is key when it comes to interviewing. As you walk into your interview you should hope for the best but prepare for the worst—already knowing how you will answer the most difficult questions that could get thrown at you. How you tackle the most challenging questions could end up making all the difference in landing the job.

Here are some of the trickiest interview questions and ways to respond:

1.) Why should I hire you?

While this is one of the most intimidating questions an employer can ask, it provides an opportunity to directly convince your interviewer why you are right for the job. If answered well, this question can bolster your case as a candidate. In order to provide a convincing response, you must already be informed about the company and position you are applying for. Make sure you’ve done your research concerning what the company is looking for, and then you can explain why you’re the right person for the job.

2.) Tell me about yourself.

This question usually comes up early on in the interview, and can set the stage for a smooth meeting. Your response should avoid trivial information while giving the employer a sense of who you are. For example, succinctly covering your recent work experience and future career goals can be done in response to this question. Try to stick to explaining your professional development rather than irrelevant hobbies or weekend activities.

3.) What is your greatest weakness?

If you do not already have a well-prepared answer to this question you are likely to get stumped or do more harm than good in your response. Cliché ‘weaknesses’ that are really strengths—such as ‘I work too hard,’—should be replaced by a more sincere trait. You can be honest about a weak point you have, followed up with how you plan to apply yourself to compensate. Another appropriate response is to list a skill that you hope to hone at your new job.

Before your next interview make sure you have thought through the answers to these as well as more basic questions. Preparation will never be wasted when you walk into an interview. And while these specific responses could be used, they should always be altered to your unique situation.

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What to Do before Your Job Search

3 Things to Do before You Begin Your Job Search 

While you may be eager to jump straight into the job search process, there are several key things that you can do before you begin searching that will pay off later. The more time you spend preparing for your job search the more effective—and less stressful—it will be once you’ve started.

1. Get Organized
Taking the time to get organized before your job search may feel like you are slowing down your progress; however, successful organization will save you headaches later. Create a strategy for your job hunt, including everything from networking to interviewing. One of the best ways to save precious time during your job search is to write down a list of positions you are going to target. In the apartment industry you can set goals for which positions you are going to apply for as well as brainstorm which properties you are going to apply at. If your search ends up deviating from your original goals it is not always a bad thing; but having initial organization to build on is crucial.

2. Re-vamp Your Resume
Perhaps your resume hasn’t been touched in years, or perhaps you’ve re-worked it last month—either way you should re-vamp it before you begin your next job search. Rather than immediately sending your resume off to potential employers, craft it to include an updated scope of your relevant skills. Keep in mind that even if you are applying for a job in a field you haven’t worked in before, you may still have skills that qualify you. For example, apartment jobs require a variety of skills, such as the ability to communicate well and problem solve, which could be gained outside the apartment industry.

3. Makeover Your LinkedIn
Your LinkedIn profile can function as an online resume, so it is important that it is complete and accurate. Many employers today will check-up on candidates via LinkedIn, and you can use the platform to further convince them that you are a worthy hire. Your profile should clearly communicate what you are about. For example, if you are applying for apartment jobs you may want to emphasize skills and experience that demonstrate you are a top candidate in the industry. Consistent information, a professional picture, and a compelling overall progression should all define your LinkedIn presence.

Whether you are about to start a job search or know that you will be setting off on one in the near future, these three steps will set you up for success. Rather than viewing them as hurdles to beginning the real work of applying for positions, they are necessary to ending up in the job that’s right for you.

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Streamline Your Resume


Less is More: How to Streamline Your Resume

You resume must facilitate a ‘love at first sight’ scenario: as soon a hiring manager reads it they have to be hooked. This means that it has to be easy read and understand at a quick glance—and the best way to do this? Streamline your resume in a few simple steps:

1. Put relevant information first

The natural progression of your reader’s eyes will be from top to bottom of the page. Therefore, the most pertinent information should come first. Start with your education if you are a recent grad; and if not then the most recent, relevant work experience.

2. Remove irrelevant experience

Again, each piece of information listed should serve the purpose of convincing its reader that you are the perfect fit for the job. Rather than painting a comprehensive picture of every achievement you have ever made, stick to what would be viewed as professional successes by your future employer.

3. Take out extra words

One or two pages is not long—often it is barely sufficient to list everything we would like to on our resumes—so you have to make the most of each word on the page. Don’t fill your resume with filler or ‘fluff’ words to make it sound better; the opposite is usually how it will end up reading. Additionally, try to stick to writing in the first person and active voice wherever possible.

4. Make sure your resume is visually appealing

If a resume is cluttered and difficult for your potential employer to read it is likely to be more distracting than captivating. Each effort to streamlining your resume is one more step toward keeping it out of the recycle bin, and this is one of the most noticeable steps. Make your resume eye-catching for the right reasons by placing your header at the top, dividing it up into clearly marked categories, and presenting information in a clear-cut fashion.

5. Have multiple resumes

Lastly, because each job you apply for will have different qualifications, having multiple resumes that cater to aspects of various jobs is beneficial. More than one resume will also help in the streamlining process because you will not feel pressured to fit all your information into one document—you can cut each resume down to only the most essential items for each job.


Your resume should present your best, most professional achievements; however, if it does not do this in a way that is visually appealing, easy to read, and straightforward it may take away from your eligibility as a candidate. No matter if you are applying for an entry-level or top-level position, streamlining your resume is crucial to getting hired. 

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Where to Find Apartment Jobs


3 Places to Look for Apartment Jobs

            Whether you’ve just begun your apartment job search or have been searching for a while one of the most frequent questions is “where are the apartment jobs?” There are excellent positions out there—but if you don’t know where to look it’s almost as if they don’t exist. Here’s where to find your apartment job:


 1. Traditional Job Search Engines

Perhaps the most common place to look for apartment jobs is traditional online job search engines. This is what most people think of when they jump to find a new job. Gone are the days of scanning the classifieds in the back of the newspaper—today you can search and pull up thousands of apartment jobs in seconds.

Monster, CareerBuilder, and Indeed are all examples of job search engines with a plethora of apartment industry jobs. In addition to these you can supplement your search with industry-specific sites such as ApartmentCareers.com.

The benefits of these powerful search engines is that they allow you easy access to jobs that fit the criteria you specify. You can filter a search by location, pay, or position. However, the accessibility of these sites also makes them popular and it is more difficult to stand out from the high number of people who apply. One way to remedy this difficulty is to look for job openings on this site and then pay a visit to the property or make a phone call in order to make sure your application gets noticed.

 2. Employer’s Websites

If you’ve got your eye on a property where you know you’d like to work your best bet is going to be to check for job openings on their website. Most employers will keep a section of their website dedicated to current job postings.

Additionally, recruiters are another online resource that can help you connect with your employer and position of choice.

If you’ve scoured an employers website and they are not currently hiring, keep checking back or pay them a visit to drop off your resume for when a job does become available.

 3. Social Media

A less-tradition approach to job searching, social media outlets can also serve as a platform for job searching. If employers are active on their social media accounts they may post job openings or tips for how to apply to work with them. Follow or check in on employers you would like to work with and you could end up coming across a job that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

The most successful job searches don’t stick to just one of these avenues; they use multiple approaches. Looking and applying in each of these places for apartment jobs is more likely to land you with your dream apartment job. 

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How to Jump-Start Your Job Search

Slow Job Search? Jump-start with these 5 Tips

Looking for an apartment job can be a grueling process—and when your job search slows it can be hard to find the right resources or motivation to move forward successfully. Here’s how to re-ignite your job search without over exhausting your network or energies.

1. Re-vamp Your Resume

The first place to start when you are hoping to rekindle your job search is with your resume. No matter how many times you have combed over your resume, now is the time to look again. You may also want to consider making some more involved changes to your resume or CV; if it hasn’t worked thus far there’s a chance it’s not communicating to employers in the way you would like it to. For more help with resumes check out: 5 Mistakes Candidates Make on Their Resume.

 2. Check out Niche Job Sites

Online job search engines can be exhausted quickly; but rather than waiting for employers to post new jobs you can extend your search on more specific sites. Don’t let your job search stop just because you aren’t sure where to look. Apartment industry specific sites, sites specific to Houston or Austin, or an employer’s own website are all good places to find jobs you might not come across elsewhere.

 3. Create a Website or Blog

During your job search you most likely aren’t gaining professional experience, but one of the best ways to add to your employability is to create a blog or website. Having your own online domain where you can establish yourself—preferably as a professional thought leader in your field—is a gold star that can be added to any resume and impress employers.

 4. Get Organized

As your job search slows, finding a job can be as difficult as finding the motivation to look. Getting organized can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by finding a job and keep you focused on one task at a time. Try to hone in on one aspect of your search (resume, applying online, going to employers in person), at a time and in a pre-planned fashion.

 5. Always Be on the Lookout

Whether in everyday conversations or browsing online websites or social media, keep your eyes open for openings that could lead to a job. This step does not require much effort—just staying open minded as you go throughout your day. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities that could be related to or lead to ideas in your own apartment job search.

Job searching may take time, but that doesn’t mean that it has to ever slow down. When you’ve tried all of your go-to methods, these tips could catapult your search into the perfect job.

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