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How to Jump-Start Your Job Search

Slow Job Search? Jump-start with these 5 Tips

Looking for an apartment job can be a grueling process—and when your job search slows it can be hard to find the right resources or motivation to move forward successfully. Here’s how to re-ignite your job search without over exhausting your network or energies.

1. Re-vamp Your Resume

The first place to start when you are hoping to rekindle your job search is with your resume. No matter how many times you have combed over your resume, now is the time to look again. You may also want to consider making some more involved changes to your resume or CV; if it hasn’t worked thus far there’s a chance it’s not communicating to employers in the way you would like it to. For more help with resumes check out: 5 Mistakes Candidates Make on Their Resume.

 2. Check out Niche Job Sites

Online job search engines can be exhausted quickly; but rather than waiting for employers to post new jobs you can extend your search on more specific sites. Don’t let your job search stop just because you aren’t sure where to look. Apartment industry specific sites, sites specific to Houston or Austin, or an employer’s own website are all good places to find jobs you might not come across elsewhere.

 3. Create a Website or Blog

During your job search you most likely aren’t gaining professional experience, but one of the best ways to add to your employability is to create a blog or website. Having your own online domain where you can establish yourself—preferably as a professional thought leader in your field—is a gold star that can be added to any resume and impress employers.

 4. Get Organized

As your job search slows, finding a job can be as difficult as finding the motivation to look. Getting organized can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by finding a job and keep you focused on one task at a time. Try to hone in on one aspect of your search (resume, applying online, going to employers in person), at a time and in a pre-planned fashion.

 5. Always Be on the Lookout

Whether in everyday conversations or browsing online websites or social media, keep your eyes open for openings that could lead to a job. This step does not require much effort—just staying open minded as you go throughout your day. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities that could be related to or lead to ideas in your own apartment job search.

Job searching may take time, but that doesn’t mean that it has to ever slow down. When you’ve tried all of your go-to methods, these tips could catapult your search into the perfect job.

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