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5 Signs Your Employee is About to Quit

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Employee retention is one of the top concerns on a manager’s mind. There is nothing more stressful than having to absorb a workload from an employee that has decided to unexpectedly leave. Even worse, their departure may push others to make the same decision. This is why identifying the signs that a staff member is about to quit can help you fix a problem before it happens.

Below we have listed the top 5 signs that an employee is about to quit.

1. They Don’t Do Anything “Extra”

If you take stock of your staff and notice that one, or a few, members do the bare minimum…you probably have a problem. At the very least, your employees are not engaged at work and this will soon lead to high turnover in the office. Make sure that your company offers extra curricular activities for the employees to take interest in. For example, apartment communities could have their staff members organize events for the residents. Remember, if you aren’t offering something extra for them to do, they can’t do it!

2. Their Social Media is Full of Gloom

Many bosses are “friends” with their employees on their social media sites. If you suspect an employee is unhappy, visit their social profile and take note of what they are posting. Are they sharing quotes that relate to finding better opportunities or are they complaining about work a lot? It is amazing what employees will post on a public forum when they think you would never take the time to look at it.

3. They are Suddenly Star Employees

This is a tricky one. In some cases, an employee that starts going from 0-100 in the performance meter… out of nowhere…could be getting ready to leave their job. The reason they are suddenly your star employee is because they are going to want a reference from you for their next job opportunity. At the very least, they don’t want to leave on bad terms in case their new venture doesn’t work out. At the risk of being cynical, take note when an employee starts rocking at their job and look for other warning signs if you fear they are about to say goodbye.

4. They Come to Work Better Dressed and Leave on Their Lunch Break

If an employee is looking for other employment, they are most likely going to be interviewing for positions on their lunch break. If they go from jeans and t-shirts to business casual over night, be aware they may be dressing up for someone else.

5. Increase in Sick Days

An employee that is unhappy in their job will take any opportunity to not show up. If you notice they are taking a lot of “sick” days, showing up late, and other work-dodging activities, ask them what is going on and if they are happy in their position.

If you spot some…or all…of these signs in one of your employees, what should you do?

First off, the most important thing you can do is to not talk to the troubled staff member, but LISTEN to them. They have been fostering feelings of dissatisfaction in their work silently and want more than anything to be heard by their boss. After listening to the reasons they are unhappy, attempt to do something about it.

If you know you can’t make them happy, it is time to let them go. Don’t wait for an employee to quit, be proactive and try to prevent it from happening. If you can’t stop their departure, make the first move to part ways. The most important thing is that you are in control of your work environment and strive to protect what is best for your company and the employees that are happy to work for you.

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