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5 Reasons Why Summer is a Great Job Search Season!


Summer means many things: shorts, BBQ’s, and sunscreen. However, it can also mean a perfect time to find your next dream job! Many people think that summer is the time to slack off in their job search, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Below we have laid out the Top 5 Reasons you should keep your job search strong during the summer months!

1. Temp-To-Hire

Many companies are hiring on temporary employees during the summer months to fill spaces left by permanent employees for vacations and sabbaticals. Being hired as a temporary employee is one of the best ways to get a feel for a company without it damaging relationships. It is also the best way to get hired on as a permanent employee, if that is your wish!

2. Social Activities

The summer is the best time to network professionally at the many social activities that take place. Outdoor sports, BBQ’s, and golf tournaments are just a few of the many events that take place in the summer and gather together like-minded professionals in a fun and casual environment. These events are perfect to attend if you are job searching while working at a position currently that you would like to vacate. Making connections without pressure is how you find that perfect opportunity you are looking for.

3. Busy Season

The summer is a fickle season for businesses. Some industries, such as the financial industry, will have their slowest time of the year during the summer. However, some industries, such as the apartment industry, will have their BUSIEST time of the year and will be looking for temporary and permanent employees to help out with the flow of business. Make sure you know your industry’s business cycles so you are approaching their job openings with the right mind-set.

4. Shorter Interview Process

This is not guaranteed, however the lack of upper-management available (because of vacation-time) might make your interview process a lot shorter. Instead of attending multiple meetings with upper management, you might just have one or two days with the staff available. That is always a welcomed prospect!

5. Less Competition

Many job searchers think that the summer is the time to take a break from their job search. They give themselves excuses such as “companies are shutting down for the summer”, “the bosses are on vacation”, or “it’s too hot to walk around in interview clothing!”. Whatever the excuse, you should absolutely continue your job search all year-round. You will face less competition from other job searchers that decide to hang low and pick up their quest for a new job in the fall.

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