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What Apartment Industry Hiring Managers REALLY Care About


The job search can be a full-time career in itself. Time is spent searching for that perfect position, tailoring your resume to each leasing property’s needs, and attending countless interviews that only sometimes result in a call-back. Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what apartment industry hiring managers are looking for?

One of the top skills that apartment industry hiring managers are looking for is self-management. A leasing property is a busy place with many unexpected tasks arsing during the day. Hiring managers are eager to find employees who are able to keep themselves on track without excessive supervision or micromanaging. Make it a point on your resume to highlight past employment situations where you proved you were capable of self-management.

Another skill coveted by hiring managers is a background in hospitality. If your past work experience required you to deal with people in any form, it will be appreciated in the leasing community environment. Apartment communities want to know their employees will take care of their residents. Going above and beyond for customers in the past will be a huge benefit to you in your interview with the apartment hiring manager.

In this day and age, it is hard not to include social media skills among the desired experience for a potential new employee. Apartment communities need to connect with their city and residents more than ever to help them stand out from their competition. An employee that can be on the look out for hot news items for the newsletter or help with Facebook and Instagram would be very appreciated. You can highlight this with the hiring manager by setting up a Google Alert for any news pertaining to the leasing property and bring it up during the interview.

Lastly, apartment community hiring managers are looking for candidates that want to grow with their leasing community. Whether you are applying for a position with a small apartment community or a large multi-property leasing company, the hiring manager wants to hire an employee that is offering longevity. Leasing properties pride themselves on company culture and they expect their employees to embody that culture. An employee that has been there a number of years is a very valuable employee because it can be assured that they are trained to represent the leasing property to its full potential. Let the hiring manager know that you intend to stay in your desired position for at least five years and you hope to grow with the company.

Apartment industry hiring managers care about most of the same issues other industry hiring managers do. Make sure you are prepared for the interview and tailor your resume to the job, while most importantly being honest during the process. The apartment industry is looking for a wide-array of job backgrounds and skills and you may find yourself being offered a job that you didn’t even know they were hiring for.

Tip: Don’t forget to register with a reputable apartment staffing company to further help your chances of landing your leasing community dream career!

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