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Top 5 Apartment Amenities Trends for 2016

Rental properties have to keep up with the times. 2016 promises to see some of the coolest properties yet, with amenities straight out of a futuristic movie. So what are the most sought after apartment amenities that renters will be expecting in their leasing community? Below we have done our research and come up with the top five 2016 amenities predictions.

1. Rooftop Terrace

Top 5 Apartment Amenities Trends for 2016

The rooftop pool and garden used to be something that was for the most expensive rental properties, however looking toward the future they will become much more common.

“In many of these buildings, we’re not doing amenities on the ground floor, to a certain extent, because we’re moving all of these traditional amenities up to the rooftop,” says Rohit Anand, principal at architecture firm KTGY.

The main reason people are gravitating to the rooftop is pretty clear, it’s all about the view.

“The guy on the second floor of a building downtown gets a view of the building next door,” says Mark Humphreys, CEO of Dallas-based Humphreys & Partners Architects. But upon entering the rooftop, the image of an uninspiring building wall is long forgotten. “That person owns that skyline view. That’s his view too.”

2. Bike-Friendly

The eco-friendly lifestyle is being embraced more and more, especially among Millennials. Bike-friendly amenities present new spatial and security problems for architects and contractors: where do you put them, and how do you keep them safe?

This shouldn’t stop leasing communities from embracing the bike culture. Maintenance stations, secure bike-parking, and bike washes are just a few of the perks a bike-riding resident is looking for.

3. (Extremely) Pet-Friendly

Many apartment communities have embraced their resident’s furry friends with dog-parks and walking trails. The pet-friendly trend for 2016 includes pet-grooming areas and pet-sitting services. Some properties have partnered with local pet salons and kennels to offer residents exclusive discounts or even free services without renovating their property grounds.

4. Improved Common Areas

As apartments are shrinking, common areas are expanding and are being designed to meet the needs of residents who want to gather socially or do work there.
Common areas are being equipped with the technology needed to facilitate these live-work interactions. USB ports, dependable WiFi, iCafes, and other Web-access features are now common practice. To withstand greater usage, common areas are being decked out with more durable furniture and carpeting.

Co-working areas are also being added to the list of amenities as more and more Millennials turn to a nontraditional work situation, such as free-lance and telecommuting.

5. Group Exercise Classes

The empty apartment gym is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Residents are asking for group fitness classes and detox programs run by their leasing properties. Popular classes include yoga, boot camp fitness, and weight-lifting. Many properties are partnering with personal trainers and instructors in their area to offer the fit-lifestyle to their residents.

2016 is primed to be the year that leasing properties step up their amenities for their residents. Cities are becoming more and more crowded, forcing people to move into multi-family housing for convenience instead of financial reasons. Because of this, expectations are going to continue to rise from potential residents. Make sure you are ahead of the trend!

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