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Top 3 Strategies for Job Advancement in 2016

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The new year is right around the corner and that means a clean slate to improve on different areas of your life, including your career. 2016 promises to be a year full of opportunities in job advancement and you can start NOW to take advantage of them and prepare to get ahead!

Below we have the Top 3 Strategies for Job Advancement in 2016:

1: Learn a New Skill

It can be very easy to get set in your skill set and industry, which can lead to boredom and put a screeching stop to career advancement. The skills consulting recruiters are looking for in 2016, according to TargetJobs, are Leadership skills, Entrepreneurial skills, Analytical skills, and Interpersonal skills. All of these are both in the real and virtual world. Social media is no longer a hobby, it’s the environment in which companies define themselves.

There are many resources online that you can use to acquire a new skill on your own time. You can also work with a reputable staffing company to work in an industry that would expand your current skill sets and expose you to a working environment you may not be used to.

2: Engage in One-on-One Networking

Networking can be a very daunting endeavor. The idea of attending networking events with a group of strangers on your own time is not exactly an activity most people enjoy. However there is a smarter way to network in 2016, “one-on-one networking”. Choose an individual, via LinkedIn or another entity, and commit to get to know that person professionally. Seek to collaborate with them or work on a mutually beneficial project together. This type of networking can be extremely rewarding on both a personal and professional level.

3: Work on Your Public Image

Take the initiative to become more active in industry-related professional organizations,” said Julianne Franke, a certified career coach.
“Get yourself a speaking engagement at a conference. Participate in relevant career groups. Then write about it or reach out to the media to get publicity.”

You would be surprised how receptive organizations, such as your local apartment association, the Texas Apartment Association and National Apartment Association are when accepting public speakers. A wonderful goal for your “One-on-One Networking” efforts would be having them culminate in a public speaking engagement to talk about your experience or the project that you worked on with the other individual.

By following the above three easy steps, you can ensure that 2016 is your most productive year yet for career advancement!

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