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MY STORY: Rayven Romero

Rayven is a bright and friendly ray of sunshine who was trying to find her way into the apartment industry. She started out by shadowing a leasing consultant but was not able to stay where she was because her husband was given military orders to relocate. Rayven soon found herself in Austin and heard about Hire Priority through a friend.

Rayven started out as a temp and went through Hire Priority’s training program. She knew very little about the apartment industry and worked in the Hire Priority Austin office for a couple of weeks. Loa and the staff there trained her in how to be a leasing consultant and provided her with all of the information that she would need to be successful. They answered all of her questions and helped her become completely prepared for the interview and future job as a leasing consultant.

She received real hands on experience dealing with fair housing, objections to the sale, and helping prospects. Rayven says Loa and Natalie from Hire Priority gave her the confidence she needed. They believed in her and were so encouraging that she left there feeling completely prepared to take on her new position with Riverstone.

Rayven says she loves being able to be personable with people and meeting new people by building relationships to help them find the apartment home they are looking for. She loves her new job and that there is something new every day.

Rayven is just one of the many examples of success stories from people who have used Hire Priority to help in their job search!

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