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Simple Rules to Being a Great Leasing Consultant

Since most employees in the apartment industry get their start as leasing consultants and move their way up, here are some very simple rules on how to be a great leasing consultant that will help you reach your goals in your current position and also make you noticed when it’s time to move into the next!

First and foremost, know your product. I like to call this selling by the numbers. Know how many square feet are in each floor plan, how many cabinets are in each kitchen, what school district your residents’ kids will be attending and all of the great features of your community. In addition to that, you also need to know what you’re up against and how you are better. If there’s a new community right across the street, how is yours superior?

Next, smile on the phone! Your prospect can hear it in your voice and it will reflect on the friendliness of your community. A smile on your face is inviting to your prospective resident and will be the first step in getting them through the door.

Once your prospect comes in to view the apartment homes, make sure their visit is personal. Did you pay attention to their needs on the telephone and can you incorporate those into your tour? Make sure to know their names and ask about pets. Discuss how their lifestyle fits into your community.

Watch where you step! Make sure you are not having your prospects follow you but that you are walking with them. Take your time and point out all of the great things along the way to their future apartment. Point out specific amenities of your community that fit what your prospect is looking for without making them feel rushed to get inside of the apartment.

And lastly, create a sense of urgency. Be careful not to lie but point out that their apartment will only be available on a first come first serve basis unless they take steps to reserve it. Have your paperwork ready and make sure you close with confidence!

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