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Why it is important to BOTH speak AND listen during an interview!

As you prepare for your interview with an apartment community, you will probably focus most on what to say. However, what you hear will be just as valuable to you in the process. Here are some things to listen for:

    1. Listen for clues from the property manager about the apartment community.
      1. Is the interviewer asking you multiple questions about how you handle a stressful work environment? Feel free to make a mental note about this and ask questions about the stress level associated with working at the apartment community.
      2. Are you being asked if you are independent? Will help be available to you during your first weeks as a new employee?
      3. Do they ask you about your leadership qualities? What types of questions are they asking that will let you know what type of leader they are looking for and if promotions are a future possibility.
    2. Listen to your interviewer to make sure you are answering the questions they ask.
      1.  Did you ramble on off topic? If you feel you need clarification, ask!
      2. Follow-up some questions by asking if you fully answered their question. That way they know you were listening and you wanted to make sure you weren’t off topic.
      3. Make sure you give your interviewer enough time to finish the question before you begin answering, otherwise, you will be interrupting them.
    3. Ask questions!
      1. Refer back to some of the questions you were asked to get clarification if you need to.
      2. Prepare intelligent questions before the interview based on your knowledge and research of the company and the position.

If you don’t listen to your interviewer, you are saying that what you think is more important than the questions they have to ask. Don’t ruin your great opportunity by being too ready to talk! Try to make your answers short while completely answering a question. Allow the interviewer the opportunity to decide which ones need to be elaborated. Stay calm and try to think of the interview as an opportunity to have a conversation with a new person where you are both trying to figure out what you have in common and if you are a good fit for each other and the apartment community.

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