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My Story: Amber Gonzales

My Story: Amber Gonzales

Amber got her start in the apartment industry through a friend in San Antonio who needed the extra help. She started out as a leasing consultant in that apartment community but soon found herself without a property manager and hopes of being promoted into a higher position. Unfortunately, she wasn’t afforded the opportunity to advance and Amber felt it was time to move on.

And move on is exactly what she did. Amber packed up and left San Antonio looking for a completely new adventure and a new start in Austin. She says she arrived in Austin on a Monday with hopes of beginning a new life with a new career.  She heard about Hire Priority through a friend and came in on Wednesday and was immediately placed in a Leasing Consultant position. According to Amber, she arrived on Monday, not sure if she would be able to stay in Austin and not sure of what was next, but… thanks to Hire Priority, she was working by Wednesday!

Amber worked as a temp at a few different communities and was offered a full time position at one of those communities. However, she just didn’t feel like that was the right community for her and turned down the offer while she continued to work through Hire Priority as a temp. Eventually Amber was placed into an administrative position at The Edge at Easton. Her property manager quickly saw Amber’s talents and potential. She was soon offered a full time position, not as a leasing consultant, but as an assistant manager.

Amber says she absolutely LOVES her job! Her advice to anyone looking for a job is that if you want it bad enough and you work hard, you’ll get noticed and get placed into a position that may be even better than you originally imagined.

Amber Gonzales now has twelve employees who work for her. She has a great mentor in her property manager and Amber says he has a great passion for the apartment community they manage. Amber loves her job because she is surrounded by an amazing team and a great support system. Her move to Austin has paid off and she is exactly where she wants to be doing something she loves.

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