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MY STORY: Johnny Aldaco

When Johnny Aldaco was younger, he was somewhat interested in the apartment industry after visiting a community down south. He used to work at a call center and had some experience in retail sales. He came across an ad for an open job position with Hire Priority on craigslist and decided to apply. Johnny says the staff at Hire Priority were very nice and professional. He enjoyed working with them to help him find a job and he was placed in a position very fast.

Johnny  says his job is very fulfilling and busy now. He has a lot more paperwork and detail while working at a tax credit property but enjoys the challenge. He was personally welcomed by the president of the management company who welcomed him to the team. During Johnny’s first month as a Leasing Professional, he helped increase the community’s occupancy by eight percent and is very successful in his new position.

He really enjoyed working with the staff at Hire Priority and was impressed with how quickly they were able to place him in a position doing a job that he likes. Although there are times when the residents can be a letdown, there is always something new and exciting going on each day as a Leasing Professional.

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MY STORY: Alberto Pico

Alberto found out about Hire Priority through a friend who personally knew our wonderful staffing manager, Loa McManus and he decided to contact her for help with looking for a new job position. Alberto had some experience with leasing and was able to take on temporary positions around Austin in order to take the time he needed to find the right fit for his personality as well as finding a community close to his home.

Alberto says he loves leasing and enjoyed his opportunity to try on different apartment communities while looking for a permanent job placement. One of his top priorities while looking for a job was to find somewhere close to where he lives.  Alberto was called in to fill in for a Leasing Agent who was out for the day sick. The very next day, that same Leasing Agent put in their two weeks’ notice.

After only working with the community for a day, they already loved Alberto so they immediately offered him the position. It was exactly what he was looking for, a leasing position close to home. It was an extra added bonus that Alberto is tri-lingual and perfect for the community.

Alberto now enjoys working very close to home at an apartment community that he loves. He said he is very grateful for the doors that were opened to him through Hire Priority and that they were always extremely friendly, helpful, and courteous.

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Intro To Leasing with Jackie Ramstedt!

Introduction to Leasing with Jackie!

Introduction to Leasing with Jackie!

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Giving Constructive Criticism: A Managers Guide

The Only Glory in Making a Mistake is What You Can Learn from It

Without failure, managers of apartment communities will be faced with the duties of both identifying deficiencies in tasks performed by onsite staff but they must also be prepared to deliver a correction to an employee that only targets the substandard action without leaving an employee feeling personally attacked and on the defensive.  After all, our higher expectations for our leasing consultants, maintenance technicians, and assistant managers are a function of the high esteem we hold for them all.  With that being said, no one is perfect, and anyone is capable of repeatedly making mistakes without the proper guidance and counseling, and this includes being sensitive to people really making honest mistakes.  So following these simple guidelines should bring light to an employee’s unacceptable actions without removing his or her motivation to seek professional self-improvement.

  1. Do not shame your employee.  Attaching the negative feeling of shame to what is likely an honest mistake serves no purpose other than to make the criticism seem personal.  It is important to focus on the performance itself, and NEVER the person.  You may find him or her to be contrite regardless, but ultimately he or she will be closer to adopting the common goal of eliminating the error in the future.
  2. If possible, make criticisms a private matter.  This is related to not shaming your employees.  Being mindful of the wonderful array of personalities we have in our apartment communities, some may be embarrassed by the public address of his or her mistakes.  Be careful in also making it obvious to his or her peers that you may be delivering some sort of correction or criticism.  Don’t make it look like he or she is being “called to the principal’s office.”  Even though the specifics may remain private, an employee’s peers may still see the person having to be corrected.
  3. Give one criticism at a time.  Do not dump a whole list on them at once.  Even if there is more than one deficiency, prioritize, and only deliver the correction for the negative action needing the most immediate attention.  This will eliminate your employee’s feeling of being overwhelmed by too many tasks to correct.
  4. Once you have made the criticism, do not keep bringing it up.  Again, your employees truly want to do his or her best for you, and one criticism is almost always enough to have him or her make the necessary improvements.  Once you verify that the action is currently being corrected or has been corrected, there is no reason to revisit the topic.  It is already obvious by their immediate action the lesson will not be forgotten.
  5. Be flexible in the manner you deliver a criticism.  Some employees really do well to know the reasoning why the correction needs to be made.  It is not to say they want to question your reasoning, but rather he or she may see it as a greater learning opportunity.  Others may simply just need a simple explanation of what correction needs to be made without the nuisance of details.  Again, this is not a sign of disrespect as some employees feel best reacting to criticism with immediate action and reserve explanations for a later time.  But you know your people and you know the best way to approach each of their personalities.

Ultimately, consider these things in the context of the Golden Rule.  Give criticisms like you would want to receive criticisms.  Addressing criticisms in this manner will eliminate the appearance of making it personal and will allow your employees to maintain dignity through his or her professional improvement.  Then all can be focused on the apartment community’s common goals.

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My Story: Kevin Roos–Porter

My Story: Kevin Roos

Kevin got his first taste of the apartment industry while he was a student at Texas A&M. For additional income, Kevin worked part-time as a maintenance professional while pursuing his degree in agriculture. After leaving College Station, Kevin was ready to face the world on his own with all the challenges that came with it. While searching for a career and an apartment in Houston, the light bulb went off.

Kevin was waiting in the office of a Leasing Consultant when he realized his passion for building things, working with his hands, and being outdoors made him a perfect fit for the apartment industry. While in the office, Kevin overheard someone mention Hire Priority Staffing and he knew his path was set.

He returned to Austin and got in touch with the staff at Hire Priority and began doing temporary work at various communities as a porter. It didn’t take long for the community managers to notice how dedicated Kevin was to the apartment industry and they began requesting that he come back more and more.

Kevin loved the flexibility of the temp positions as it allowed him the opportunity to “try on” different communities to see where he fit in. Once he found that match, where his career goals strongly aligned with those of the apartment community’s goals, he was hired as a full time employee.

Kevin now has found his place within the work force and looks forward to the opportunities that will arise in the future. He plans to get his certification as an EPA Licensed Maintenance Technician in order to secure his place on the upward track of the career ladder.

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