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My Story: Kevin Roos–Porter

My Story: Kevin Roos

Kevin got his first taste of the apartment industry while he was a student at Texas A&M. For additional income, Kevin worked part-time as a maintenance professional while pursuing his degree in agriculture. After leaving College Station, Kevin was ready to face the world on his own with all the challenges that came with it. While searching for a career and an apartment in Houston, the light bulb went off.

Kevin was waiting in the office of a Leasing Consultant when he realized his passion for building things, working with his hands, and being outdoors made him a perfect fit for the apartment industry. While in the office, Kevin overheard someone mention Hire Priority Staffing and he knew his path was set.

He returned to Austin and got in touch with the staff at Hire Priority and began doing temporary work at various communities as a porter. It didn’t take long for the community managers to notice how dedicated Kevin was to the apartment industry and they began requesting that he come back more and more.

Kevin loved the flexibility of the temp positions as it allowed him the opportunity to “try on” different communities to see where he fit in. Once he found that match, where his career goals strongly aligned with those of the apartment community’s goals, he was hired as a full time employee.

Kevin now has found his place within the work force and looks forward to the opportunities that will arise in the future. He plans to get his certification as an EPA Licensed Maintenance Technician in order to secure his place on the upward track of the career ladder.

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