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Show Your Employees Love on Valentine’s Day


Community Managers are always looking for ways to show their leasing and maintenance teams they appreciate them. Employee Appreciation Day is March 4th, but you don’t have to wait till then to show your love to your valued team.

Valentine’s Day can be a great occasion to make your employees feel like their efforts are not taken for granted. Below are a few ways to get your point across that you are a community manager that loves their apartment community and team!

Send “Love” Notes

You don’t have to buy expensive gifts to make your team feel special. By taking the time to write individual notes of appreciation to each employee will go a long way in leaving a big impression. You can choose Valentine-themed cards and leave them on their desks for them to find or post in the maintenance shop. Write a note that lists the specific things that particular employee has excelled in for instance “great job on being the top leaser” or “ thanks for making our community sparkle” and thank them sincerely.

Host a Valentine Day’s Luncheon or Happy Hour

Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get social with your team. Arrange for a catered lunch with chocolate covered strawberries or other Valentine’s-themed treats. Better yet, call ahead to your favorite watering hole and have them reserve some space for your team to come enjoy happy hour with you. You could even decorate the leasing office or maintenance shop with balloons to get into the spirit. Just make sure to let your team know in advance so they can plan on being there.

Have a Valentine’s Day Raffle

If you are on a budget and have too many team members to write out individual notes, you can hold a Valentine’s Day raffle. To enter, your employees must write down the name of a co-worker and why they appreciate working with them. You can choose a winner at random and award them with a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or something similar. You can then display the entries in a creative way so all the employees can see how much their co-workers love them.

Letting your team know you appreciate them goes a long way for keeping morale and productivity up. Don’t let an opportunity pass by without letting your team know they are loved!

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