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How to Be Your Apartment Industry Co-Worker’s “Valentine” in 5 Easy Steps


If you work in the apartment industry, you can end up in the office many more hours than you get to be home. Because of this, making friends while you are there is of the utmost importance. A career in the Apartment Industry requires you to work in tandem with a team of people that are all working for the greater good of the property and its residents. Keeping your fellow teammates happy will only make your job easier. Below we have listed five easy steps you can take to be your co-worker’s “favorite” this Valentine’s Day season.

1. Let Your Co-Worker’s Know You are Grateful

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many of us get too busy to stop and tell the ones around us how thankful we are for their help and support. Think about the last time someone truly thanked you, it felt good didn’t it?

Of course there is another motivation to giving out a “thank you”, it is proven that people who feel appreciated are much more likely to go out of their way for the ones that made them feel that way. Help yourself and others by stopping to say thank you a little more often.

2. Don’t Be “That” Guy or Gal in the Office

Every leasing center has them. They don’t make another pot of coffee when they take the last cup, they leave their forgotten lunches and half-eaten pieces of cake in the refrigerator, they talk entirely too loud on the phone when you are trying to close a future resident at the desk next to them. Annoying office habits are a quick way to go to the bottom of the totem pole of liked co-workers.

3. Be the Office Ambassador to New Leasing Agents

Being new is tough, especially in the apartment industry. The hours are long and the work is high-energy. Many times when a new teammate comes along, it is hard to stop your daily tasks and make time for them. By stepping up to help a new leasing professional on your team you are not only helping them, you are helping the entire office by taking the burden to do so off of your co-workers.

4. Share!

Sharing is something we learned early in our lives. It’s also one of the first things we stop doing when we enter the competitive world of multi-family housing. Careers in the apartment industry are high stakes and depend greatly on performance. Everyone in the leasing center was hired for a reason. Perhaps you are a sales maven, your co-worker is amazing with the residents, while the new guy is a wonder at getting residents to re-sign. Don’t horde the resources you use to be great. Share your favorite blogs and industry news with the whole office. Make it your goal to help everyone shine bright.

5. When All Else Fails, Bring Cookies!

The truth is, we are all trying to do our best at work. The apartment industry is an extremely challenging, yet REWARDING, profession. If you can’t find the time and energy to do steps 1-4, the fail-safe method to win folks over is bringing in a special treat for your teammates on Valentine’s Day. Or any other day for that matter!

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