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How to Find a Job While You Are Still Employed

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How to Find a Job While You Are Still Employed

Job-hunting while still employed gives you a chance to explore new opportunities while keeping a steady paycheck. In fact, a high number (73%) of the workforce keeps their current job while searching for their next.

But, if you are caught applying for a new job at your present position your plans could backfire. You don’t want to leave a job you have worked hard at under sketchy circumstances, or to be let go because your employer has discovered your plan to leave.

To avoid job-hunting disaster while still employed, don’t fall into the following traps:

 1. Don’t Job Search While at Work

Any job searching you do, should be on your own time. If you send emails, faxes, or make phone calls from work there is a very high chance of getting caught—no matter how sneaky you are.

2. Don’t Change Your Attitude

It’s easy to let your motivation slip when you know you will be moving on to a new job soon. But, letting a lack of motivation effect your performance at work can come back to bite you. If your job search for a new apartment job doesn’t work out you won’t want your employer to think less of you.

3. Don’t Tell Anyone at Work

Word tends to get out when someone is looking to leave their job, so it’s best not to tell anyone. 

4. Don’t List Your Present Employer As a Reference

This could lead to an awkward phone call…You don’t want your boss finding out you’re leaving your job before you have the chance to tell him/her.

5. Don’t Schedule Interviews During Work Hours

It’s best to secure interviews for times when you’re not on the clock, but if an employer has to schedule you during work hours, see if you can take a vacation or personal day. If possible, scheduling interviews during your lunch hour would also be an effective way to move your job search process along without taking time off.


Follow these tips to apartment job search under the radar while keeping your current job secure. Our last tip: if you do get caught come clean to your employer about your intentions. Lying or postponing the situation will only make things worse.

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