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The Top 6 Mistakes Job Seekers Make


The Top 6 Mistakes Job Seekers Make

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If your job search has screeched to a halt or if you have applied to many jobs without luck perhaps you are making some of these common mistakes:

1. Not Changing Your Resume

Employers can tell in a heartbeat if you’ve sent them the same resume/cover letter that you’ve used to apply to ten other open positions. Change your resume to fit each apartment job you apply for and employers will favor you for the effort you put into it.

 2. Not Following Instructions

Do you need to email your resume in a specific format? Does a property need extra information before they can hire you? There are many details an employer can request besides a resume, so triple-read a job listing before applying to make sure your application is complete.

 3. Not Following Up

Apartment jobs are desirable in the current economy—especially in cities like Houston and Austin where the apartment industry is booming. High desirability means high competition, and following up after submitting your resume to an employer is one way to make sure you get noticed.

 4. Not Researching an Employer 

Employers will be researching you; but you should also research them before you apply for a job. How will you know if you’d like to work for a property if you know nothing about it? Looking up an employer can save you time later on by seeing if they are a good match or not.

 5. Not Preparing for Your Interview

It’s nearly impossible to walk into an interview and ace it without preparation. Prepare before hand: know your answers to common questions, know what questions to ask, and dress your best.

 6. Not Using Your Resources

Another mistake job seekers make is not using the resources available to them or assuming they have no resources. For one, your social network could be a place to find out about job openings if you ask around. Secondly, if you are having trouble finding a job a staffing company can be a great resource, matching you up with a job in your field.


Lastly, don’t make the mistake that many job seekers make—don’t give up! Don’t settle for a job that’s not right. By not making these mistakes and using your resources you can find a job that’s right for you.

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