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How to Talk about Salary


How to Talk about Salary 

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Salary negotiations in the hiring process can be a touchy subject. You don’t want to ask for too much money and turn an employer off; but you also don’t want to undervalue yourself. Here’s 4 ways to get paid what you’re worth & follow the proper etiquette for talking about salary:

1. Do Research

If you don’t know what people in your position get paid in your city you should start by doing some research. For example, leasing positions on average in Houston and Austin can vary by over a dollar. Cities where apartment job seekers flood the market will usually pay less per hour than less desirable locations. You can find out what an expected salary is for your position by asking others in the field or contacting local professional organizations.

2. It’s Okay to Negotiate Salary

While talking about money with a potential employer can be uncomfortable, it is okay to try and negotiate with them—most will even expect it. Don’t throw out a number that is outrageously higher than what an employer offers, but you can try to market yourself as worth a little increase.  Also, don’t bring up the subject too early on in the hiring process, an employer will usually want to discuss salary toward the end of your interview.

3. Sell Your Skills

When it comes down to money-talk in the interviewing process one way to try and negotiate for higher pay is to remind an employer of the value you bring to their property. Through showing what you have to offer a hiring manager is more likely to consider you worth the money. One way to do this is by explaining the skills and experience you possess that will directly help you excel at an apartment job.

4. Stay Positive

You should always be prepared that the expectations you and an employer have for a salary may be different. If you do try to negotiate a salary offer it could be turned down; and if this happens it is important to stay positive—you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot at a new job.


The unwritten rules of salary negotiation are not complicated if you remember to stay flexible and focus on demonstrating your value to a property. The apartment industry has somewhat set hourly wages in Texas, but you can always try to negotiate if you’ve got desirable skills and experience.

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