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Make Your Temp Job Full Time

How to Turn Your Temp Apartment Job into a Full-Time Position

Choosing a new hire is a risky process, which is why more and more employers are turning to hiring temps. Temps aren’t guaranteed a permanent position but are at an advantage to getting one. If you are a temp hoping to get hired permanently these steps can help you to get the full-time job you’ve got your eye on:

1. Know Your Industry

While working for a company do all you can to understand them as well as the apartment industry. Recognizing industry trends and familiarizing yourself with the inner workings of the business will add to your value as an employee. If you treat a temp position as part of an extended interview process, increasing your knowledge is a effective way to prove your qualifications.

2. Understand Your Company’s Culture

Within apartment jobs companies’ cultures vary widely. After some time working as a temp you should be able to understand the company’s culture that you are working for and how you can best fit into it. Is your company trendy? Traditional? Customer-service driven? Whatever their chosen motto is, it should become yours too.

4. Communicate with Your Staffing Company

If a staffing company placed you in a temp position they will be your best advocate to getting hire full-time. Let them know that you want permanent work before you talk directly to the company or property you are working for.

5. Follow Company Standards

From dress codes to systematic rules and procedures, follow all of the standards your employer has established. Treat your temp position like a full time position, adhering to company practices. By establishing yourself as an integral part of the company you are more likely to be hired permanently.

6. Go Above and Beyond

When working your temp position you should dedicate yourself fully to your responsibilities and seek out greater responsibility. Making an effort to go above and beyond with your work and to become a part of your company will make you indispensable.

A temp position can be a highly advantageous situation as it is only one step away from getting hired full-time. Follow these steps to increase your value at your apartment job and work permanently.

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