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3 Things to Watch Out for on Your Resume

3 Things to Watch out for on Your Resume

Most resumes are looked at for a matter of seconds-and in a field as competitive as the apartment industry a potential employer can often tell at first glace whether a candidate is a suitable match. So how do you keep your resume from ending up in the discard pile? Following these three tips will ensure your resume gives a good first impression:

1.) Format:
When initially faced with a resume the first thing a potential employer is going to notice is the format. A scattered or unorganized resume can leave the reader with the impression that you are likewise unfocused in your professional habits. Bullet points instead of dense paragraphs, refraining from cookie-cutter resume templates, and avoiding too much white space on the page are all hallmarks of a successful resume. In applying for any range of jobs within the apartment industry-from leasing consultant to apartment maintenance personnel to property manager-a clear and well-organized resume will keep the reader from being distracted by formatting mistakes, and allow him or her to focus on the resume’s content.

2.) Content:
One of the greatest mistakes resume writers make, and we see this when candidates are applying for apartment temporary jobs, is to describe their job duties rather than to convey how their previous experience resulted in transferrable accomplishments. The information on your resume should communicate a clear theme-how you can succeed at the position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a leasing consultant position, include your numbers of apartment leases or occupancy growth at previous positions. Quantifying accomplishments provides a clear argument that you will be successful at your next job. In large urban centers such as Houston or Austin, there are any number of similar apartment industry job listings, and tailoring your resume to target specific job positions will ensure your resume stands out.

3.) Grammar:
Grammar errors are another red flag that will land your resume in the discard pile. Typos are a common, and costly, mistake that can easily be fixed by proofreading. Another grammar faux pas to look out for is the use of first person-avoid the use of “I” or “me” in exchange for more business professional language. Even the words you choose should be carefully crafted in order to sell yourself for the position, refraining from clich√© phrases or flowery sentences.

While there is no set formula for a resume, looking out for these common mistakes will ensure your resume catches the eye of potential apartment industry employers-for the right reasons.

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