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My Story: Patricia V – Apartment Leasing Consultant Houston

My Story: Patricia V

Throughout an almost decade-long career, Patricia V’s experience with multiple aspects of the apartment industry reflects the diversity of opportunities available through a career in apartment leasing.  After holding positions in customer service, Patricia’s leasing career jump-started when she took her first leasing position with a small property and received requisite training. Throughout her many years in apartment leasing, Patricia has been placed successfully through Hire Priority into two different Houston apartment jobs. From temp work to her current position as a leasing professional at Camden Living in Houston, Hire Priority has been a constant in Patricia’s professional journey.  With so much industry experience, Patricia has seen the ins and outs of apartment leasing. Her favorite part? The people. Patricia unequivocally enjoys and thrives in the relational aspect of her job. She wisely recognizes the emotional needs of her clients and can respond with how best to counsel them. Patricia is not only a veteran in the apartment industry, with many years of experience under her belt; but she is also a sales expert-and has generated over a million dollars of revenue in sales. With such a seasoned perspective, Patricia’s advice to newcomers to the industry is to take advantage of opportunities. Exploring your potential, getting good exposure, and ample opportunities for advancement are all perks of apartment leasing advocated by Patricia. Despite changes in employers and location, Patricia has thrived in the Houston apartment industry. Her personality, along with practical training, use of a staffing company specializing in apartment jobs, and ambition all characterize the success of her story.

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